Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sequin Exploration & Beaded Jewelry Inspired by Bubble Gum

Happy Saturday!  I'm excited to be sharing a piece that was designed for the sole purpose of using sequins!  I have to thank my friend Sarah over at Saturday Sequins for always bringing humor and light to her jewelry designs and encouraging me to try these fun little pops of sparkly!

I joined forces with other artisans last year as we delved deep into our sequin souls to create something with sequins.  Prior to that I had never (gasp!) used sequins in my design.  It was fun, but I took the easy way out and added just a few little sequins.  It works for that design and I still love wearing that cuff (see more pictures here.)

But this year, I challenged myself to use more than 4 sequins.  LOL  I also unintentionally challenged myself by completely not even giving my design a thought until 72 hours prior to the reveal.  Hey, life come at you fast... I'm trying to learn to roll with the punches.

So doing something uber big like a cuff or collar just wasn't going to fit into the time I had allowed.  I'm pretty sure if there are any students studying procrastination at the UW, then I should be a case study with this fine experiment!

I have this funky baubble that I had gotten a while back.  I think it used to be a button cover from back in the day, and since I like vintage and re-purposing, and it reminded me of bubble gum, I decided it would be perfect.

So I popped a piece of gum in my mouth, and started to create!  I pulled in hues of gold, fuschia and blue to compliment the original button cover thingy.  Then added a frame of sequins all around the edge.  I love how they added that little extra sparkle and backed this funk-a-delic design with metallic gold, super soft, Italian lambskin leather.

The necklace is made on Memory Wire so it fits like a choker.  I used sexy pink and vibrant yellow glass beads from Cousin Corporation.

Do you see the gumball machine inspiration in the focal?  I hope so!  At least I did and that wasn't because I had too much wine!  I've enjoyed playing with sequins this week, even if I was in a self-imposed rush. 

Now here's the deal, since you'd seen my sequintastic design, won't you click over to Sarah's virtual property, she'll break out the virtual coffee and share her sequin design and you can visit all of the participants in today's blog hop!

Have a sparkling weekend!

P.S.  In honor of Sequins, I had to share another special design I created earlier this year!  This ankle cuff rocked the sequin world!  It features a beaded band, embellished with hand stitched sequin and flirty chains.  It made quite the splash on stage when Suzy Manning debuted it at her live event this spring!


Therese's Treasures said...

Good morning Dawn,
Your bubble gun inspired pendant is very pretty and fun. I like all the bright colors you chose to use. Your piece would be nice to wear dressed down or dressed up.

Skylar Bre'z said...

Bubble gum! What a great inspiration! (I always have gum on hand, as I study and write and bead.)

Love the colors in this. I also like that you paired it with memory wire, which I've never used but am now inspired to try.

Great work!

Kristen said...

I totally agree with Chris on this one!!! Take it on your trip I know someone will totally go nuts for it!!!! I have!

Saturday Sequins said...

Dawn, great job! Your necklace is fun and adorable. You do amazing work with sequins. <3

Now I want to go out and get some gumballs. It's been forever since I've had some.

Kepi said...

Gum balls what a perfect inspiration, and it works so well. Love the colors, love the design. This would be so fun to wear.

Karen Williams said...

Hah! I love posts that make me laugh. :)

What a fun design. Actually I should say what fun designs as I can totally see why your ankle cuff rocked the stage in it's debut - great use of color and the chain just makes it that much more sassy.

Amy S. said...

Generally speaking - sequins scare me! But I love what you did with these and the gumballs piece is so happy!!!

Liz E said...

I couldn't imagine a more cheerful use of sequins. I love it - so colorful and fun!

Jasvanti Patel said...

I love the pendant, good choice of colors

Maneki said...

Lovely and colourful work! I really like you colour combos, both in the pendant and ankle cuff. So vibrant and full of positive energy.

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