Monday, March 30, 2015

Getting Creative with my Cousin Ambassador Sisters

Once upon a time Dawn went to the Craft & Hobby Association Mega Show to visit the Cousin booth and see some of their incredible pieces on a grand display.  Seeing so many creative people, new creations coming on the jewelry design and crafting scene and great project in all varieties of art really sparked her creativity.  So she brought that excitement home to share with her fellow Cousin Creative Ambassador Sisters.  While on that trip, she had an idea that she wanted to showcase each of the ambassadors and their very unique styles of design. 

So, she came up with the idea to coordinate a blog hop.  For the blog hop, Dawn put together a list of materials from Cousin Corporation and Prima Bead. Every Ambassador would receive the same materials and could design whatever they want.  In order to ensure everybody found something they liked, we brought in gemstones, crystals, chain, animal print and earth tones... so there was every reason to get creative!  Each ambassador can use whatever materials were sent, whether a little or a lot, and add to it anything they wished.  The idea was to truly allow each artist to showcase who they really are in designing something they would wear and love! 
Photo Courtesy of Shelly Owen Raziela's Designs

I'm so excited to share these pieces with you. After having this idea and kicking it off with my fellow Ambassadors, I began the adventure of relocating to be in the sunshine and near the sea where my heart is.  So I received the beads, then took a 10 day trip to Florida to find my future home.  I found the perfect place (which I'll share in another post soon) but that meant coming home, getting my rear in gear and designing something... then packing and downsizing like a fiend!  And I'm so excited to say, I've been able to accomplish all of that in a very short time!  So without further adieu, here's the 2 pieces I designed with some of the materials in our kit. 

I've been walking a bit on the wild side this year, so it was no surprise that the animal print beads spoke to me!  I loved how they were like flat coins... add a pop of bling with the mirror beads and the perfect chain and this necklace was ready for a night on the town!

This piece is native inspired.  The turquoise and orange color palette in the pendant were the perfect foundation for a whimsical and fun necklace.  Love the little leather tassel too!  The turquoise and orange beads are the perfect compliment to the pendant!  All in all, the piece is super cute and will be perfect to wear once I'm in Florida!

I have another crazy idea turning with the copper pieces and teal glass beads, but it'll have to wait until this mermaid is living by the sea later in April to be created.  Here's where the fun kicks in... each of my fellow ambassadors also created some amazing designs!  Won't you please take a moment to visit each of their blogs and see what they've designed to express their personalities!

Shelly Owen - Raziela's Designs -
Lisa Crone - A Bead A Day -
Allison Cooling - Quiet Lion Creations -
Rachel Nielsen - Adventures of a DIY Mom -
Molly Alexander - Beautifully Broken Me -
Rebecca Utermohlen - My Girlish Whims -
Carolina Moore - 30 Minute Crafts -   
Dawn Doucette - Bella Amore Legacy Jewelry - YOU ARE HERE!

To my fellow Ambassador Sisters, thank you each for playing along in Dawn's Crazy Bead Game.  I appreciate each of your friendships and the way you each inspire me creatively!  I think we ought to do another blog hop this summer!  Who's game?? 

Make it a beautiful day in your world!
Love & Hugs!


Unknown said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS! I'm so in love with the orange and blue one.

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

great pieces dawn! this was so fun :)

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

great pieces dawn! this was fun :)

Shai Williams said...

Great designs! I am so jealous on your move. I would to love to live by the ocean. Doesn't even have to be a warm one.


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