Thursday, March 30, 2017

Bead Hop with my Cousin Creative Sisters

Guess what.... Easter's around the corner and we're hopping again.... BEAD HOPPING!!!  Imagine when I sparked the idea mid-January to do another blog hop featuring Cousin Corporation beads... I can't even believe the last one was 2 year ago... holy cow!  How I thought jeesh, a Febrary reveal would be easy peasy.  My fellow creative sisters and I would all get the same beads, create awesome pieces that are uniquely "us" and feature them in a fancy, sparkly blog hop!  But mid-January Dawn had no idea how busy February Dawn or March Dawn was going to be.  So here I sit, feeling like a college kid cramming for a final... typing like mad to get my blog post up before I fall asleep.  I got 2 of 3 projects done... one is still waiting which, funny enough, is the one with the colors that are my total fave... but enough about me rambling... I've got some jewelry to show you.

First, rocked the chunky druzy focal with some bad ass spikes  (also from Cousin, but not part of the selected beads.)   I wore this piece to work yesterday and it got a few thumbs up... I'm more of a silver girl by nature.... but the brown's and gold really played in a earthy delight... and reminded me of sand... which takes my heart to the beach.  And even when I'm not sitting on the beach, I'm still at the beach in my mind! ;)

Spikes also inspired the next little project.  Stretchy bracelets!!  I've fallen in love with stretchy bracelets.  Stack 'em, match 'em, give 'em, make 'em... you gotta have some!  I have some of my bracelets featuring seashells for sale in a fancy pet spa where my furry fella gets groomed - Unleashed Pet Spa - Check 'em out! Beth and Dennis are the best!

But anyhow, stretch bracelets are a thing - and for me, I could add some spikes and those big silver balls... I did those.  Black, white and silver a classic pairing with a little goth twist.

And lastly... my third project.... which is still just a project.  I saw the turquoisey purple goodness dancing together in a mermaid fashion. And it still will, in an amazing project, but it is still just a twinkle in my artisan's eye.  What it will turn into???  Not sure yet!  But it's going to be awesome!

Thanks for playing in our little box of beads.  For the real fun, keep hopping and check out my dear friend0's creations too! We're brought together by beads, but we've become dear friend! Cousin Creative Circle Ambassadors  -  It's a great group of creative women that all have one of a kind style! ♥

Rebecca Grafton - My Girlish Whims
Shelly Owen - Razelia's  Designs
Lisa Crone - A Bead A Day
Rachel Nielson - Adventures of a DIY Mom
Jennifer Priest - Hydrangea Hippo

Happy to be heading into the weekend!! Peace, love & sunshine!!

Monday, October 3, 2016

WINNER - Erica Jahns PLUS Another Great DIY Jewelry Design

Last week I hosted a great giveaway of this fun, Florida inspired bracelet featuring Charms made with Swarovski Crystals!!!  And I want to congratulate ERICA JAHNS the winner of last weeks bracelet!!  Erica, please message me your mailing address and I'll get your bracelet right in the mail to you!

This weeks project features another really fun charm made with Swarovski Crytals!! 

I love this Ohm charm!!!  It's a fun pop of color with it's beautiful orangish/redish hued Swarovski Crystal backdrop.  Again this charm features a lobster claw clasp, so you can literally put it on anything that has a hole... okay, maybe not on a donut.  BUT you can hang it from a zipper pull.  You can put it on the hook of a suction cup on the patio door as a rainbow maker and here, I created seashell necklace... but here's the secret, find a seashell that already has a hole in it! 

Once you find your perfect seashell, using an eye pin, insert the eye pin through the hole and form a wrapped loop on the inside of the seashell. On the wrapped loop you just created, attach a bail with a jump ring.  Now you have something to thread your necklace chain through.  On the front side of your seashell, using the lobster claw clasp attach your charm made with Swarovski crystal. 

Find your favorite style of necklace chain and put it through the bail and you're finished!  Another quick & easy piece of wearable art! 

Thanks for following along, if you'd like to see other great project made featuring Charms with Swarovski Crystal, check out each of my fellow Cousin Creative Circle Ambassador blogs!  It's a great group of creative women that all have one of a kind style! ♥

Rebecca Grafton - My Girlish Whims
Shelly Owen - Razelia's  Designs
Lisa Crone - A Bead A Day
Rachel Nielson - Adventures of a DIY Mom
Jennifer Priest - Hydrangea Hippo 

Hope you have a super week!! Peace, love & sunshine!!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Featuring Charms made with Swarovski® Crystals

It's been a bit since I've had a project to do for Cousin Corporation as a Creative Circle Ambassador, but recently our ambassador team has been given some sparkly goodness to share so I wanted to bring you a couple of projects straight from my mermaid heart. 

I was given a set of Charms made with Swarovski® Crystals and asked to create something different and maybe out of the box.  So with the first two, I wanted to bring you a few designs where I incorporated the Charms made with Swarovski® crystals AND brought in a piece of my beloved Florida!  I used real seashells that I collected on Indian Rocks Beach.  These projects are great ideas if you go on vacation and want to create a momento of your trip that is beyond the keychain or magnet sold in the nicknack shops. 

The first project was a bracelet that I whipped up in no time!  The most time consuming part is waiting for the glue to dry!  Make sure you wash and dry your seashells thoroughly before creating  :)  Using an eyepin and adhesive of your choice (in this piece I used E-6000) fill the back of the seashell halfway with adhesive.  Insert the round side of the eyepin into the puddle of glue. Prop it up at an angle that will allow you to create a wrapped loop later for the bail.  Then wait... tick... tock... wait for that glue to dry.

 Once it's dry, fill the remainder of the seashell with adhesive and let it dry.  This is a multi-tasking part of the design, while you are waiting for the glue to dry you can bake cookies, clean, finish other projects, call your mom on the phone to tell her you love her, write a little note to a friend that you haven't seen in a while and send it .... or sit there and watch glue dry.  I opted for several of the above.

Why do we pour the adhesive in 2 phases???  Because eyepins have a tendancy to want to float to the top of the adhesive puddle.  So by pouring the adhesive in 2 phases, the eyepin is locked into the middle of the adhesive ensuring you won't loose your seashell pendant.

Once everything is dry, create a wrapped loop on the top of the seashell. Using the handy lobster claw that comes on the charm, clip it onto the wrapped loop of the seashell.  Now in this design I was given a peridot birthstone Charm made with Swarovski® crystals for the month of August.  The birthstone charms come with a rivoli and a second charm with the month and smaller birthstone on the back.  So I used a jump ring and attached the smaller charm too.

Then using a premade 7" bracelet (available from Cousin at most large craft stores) I slid the seashell pendant on the bracelet, clasped it and voila!  Nothing like a little quick and easy project to remember your favorite beach by!

GIVEAWAY:  Now if you've read this far, I want to thank you! I'd like to give one lucky winner this seashell bracelet.  Here's what you need to do to enter:
1.  Post a comment below letting me know who in your life has an August Birthday you'd like to give this to.
 2.  Share this post on social media... tag Dawn Doucette or Bella Amore Legacy Jewelry so that I can see you shared it.
3.  If you like my designs and want to follow me, I'd love to stay connected.  You can find a link below for all of my social media accounts.  Feel free to follow and share, but it is not necessary to follow to be entered to win!

I will pick one lucky winner next Monday, October 3rd to win this bracelet.  Good luck!  Stay tuned for another Seashell Design from the heart. . . it's coming soon!


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

FantaSea - Swarovski Jewelry Tutorial

When you get pretty sparkly packages of Swarovski Crystal Elements you can't help but want to pour them all into a container so you can just keep running your hands through them in the sunlight again and again just watching the rainbows appear.  Truly... thousands and thousands of tiny crystals that are all catching the light and radiating rainbows is absolutely magical.

As a brand ambassador for Cousin Corporation of America, we have recently become the major supplier for Swarovski Crystal Elements throughout the US.  As part of the agreement, we as ambassadors will be making lots of projects and tutorials to share just how you can use Swarovski elements in your own DIY jewelry designs and crafts!

The project I just completed is a complete jewelry set - with instructions and supplies so you can create the exact pieces I made!  (Click here for jewelry tutorial and supplies from

The gemstones are genuine Amazonite with an AB coating... combined with the sand opal Swarovski crystals and it was like a pairing made in heaven.  To my mermaid heart, it spoke of underwater exploration and fantasies on the high seas.  SO hence, the name of this set is FantaSea!

The gemstone Amazonite has many healing properties.  It is used to treat heart trouble and metabolic disorders.  It lifts depression and reduces anxiety.  It also helps alleviate headaches and migraines.  It promotes confidence, vitality and joy of life!! Amazonite has a calming effect, corrects mood swings and helps the wearer come to terms with grief.

If your zodiac sign is Aquarius, Amazonite is your power gemstone! 

To get the complete tutorial for this Amazonite necklace, earrings and ring set visit:

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Those Hot Summer Nights

Welcome to summer - where the sun is brighter, the foliage more colorful, the sky bluer and Dawn the happier!  I absolutely LOVE summer, hence a big part of where I chose to move to... driving across the Georgia/Florida border was like the whole entire state wrapping it's arms around me and singing "Welcome Home!" like a chorus of angels.  Seriously... it's that much love!!

Unpacking has been fun and very challenging.  It's a whole new organization, it's a cleansing as I've been able to give away/donate things that no longer serve me and it's designing my own life the way I want.  So much fun!!!

The first project I tackled in my new studio was a piece just for me!  Just like last year, Cousin Corporation brought the 7 of us ambassadors down to their corporate office for 3 days/2 nights of business building, jewelry creating and trend spotting!  The first night is always a fun cocktail party, so it's my excuse to put on my sparkly shoes, don a cocktail dress and have a blast!

Because being right on the ocean offers amazing sunsets, I like to bring that magic into my outfit!  This year I found the most amazing, flowy, goddess inspired dress in tropical orange sherbet with splashes of tangerine, magenta, lavendar, gold and fuchsia! It was like a tropical kiss all in one!  It even had beading on it!!!  Can you say Serendipity??  (Yep, I know you just said it!) ;)

The necklace I made featured a one-of-a-kind lampwork focal from my dear friend Juli Cannon of Studio Juls. I've coveted it for a while because I knew it would turn into something magical when the time was right.  How perfect that my first jewelry design in my new home is with this beautiful work of art!

It pulls in all the perfect colors to make that piece POP against my dress!  I added a huge bit of sparkle with this gorgeous Swarovski Crystal Pendant.  The necklace is beaded with genuine agate rounds that I picked up on a trip to San Francisco in August 2013.  I fell in love with their vibrant color and smooth facets.  I also had to buy the amethysts cut by the same maker because PURPLE! ;) Those will be used in a future project, I'm still coveting their lusciousness!  It was a trip that made such a difference for my business and I built amazing friendships from that I cherish today!  So using these beads brought back that great memory and made this piece even more special.  The necklace also includes shamballa beads and toggle from Cousin Corporation!

I felt so inspired designing this necklace and it really worked beautifully with my sunset backdrop.  I had a great time reconnecting with my fellow Cousin Creative Circle Ambassadors!  Thanks to all who made this retreat memorable!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Inspired by Winter - A Pearl and Crystal bracelet for Cousin Corporation

Last Spring, the Cousin Ambassadors (aka my creative sisters) were given an assignment for Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft stores.  Many times when we get assignments like this we can't share them because the store needs to see them and be able to use them in their advertising and promotions first. 

The theme I was to create around was "Winter."  I'm giggling about that now as I type this because I'm sitting in my office in Clearwater, FL.  It's 81* outside and still getting hotter... so talking about Winter is truly ironic. 

Alas, there are parts of winter living in Wisconsin for 35 years taught me to appreciate.  There's much beauty created in the first snow or in the frost.  I love the hoar frost on the trees when the fog freezes to the limbs... I just didn't much enjoy the fact it lasts for 4+ months.

I just got the piece back and I'm really excited to share it with you... and to wear it because, what a coincidence.... it happens to be just my size! ;)
Wouldn't this be perfect for bridal jewelry?? Or to pop that vintage glam look??

This bracelet used 6mm round mirror beads and 6mm pearls from Cousin.  I used a multi-strand clasp with hook and extender chain to be able to give it versatility.  This piece was a whole lot of making links and connecting those links, but the finished bracelet is awesome!  And of course, I made earrings to match!

If you'd like to make this great bracelet and earring set, you can pick up all the materials at Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft stores!  And I have the instructions all written up!  Message me via my Facebook Page - Bella Amore Legacy Jewelry and I'd be happy to email them to you!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Dawn Doucette Published in Beadwork Magazine

I'm super excited to finally be able to share this with you guys!  I created a piece last spring... literally one year ago this month, submitted it to Beadwork to see if they wanted to publish it.  And they did... but it was slated for the June/July 2015 issue... holy cats Batman, how am I supposed to not say anything to anybody for a whole entire year?  Because yeah... that took patience, then lots of distraction... then I sort of kind of lost track of time until BAM!  Beadwork is emailing me to mail me back my necklace because the issue has hit newsstands!

I love, love, love this necklace!!! I'm totally a sucker for a beaded spiral rope... add crystals and it makes me all weak in the knees and starry eyed.  In this rope I wanted to give it a fun texture!  As an ambassador for Cousin Corporation I also wanted to showcase some of their beads.  The rope itself is made with 4mm bicones in the aqua/gold mirror beads as well as their Crystazzi brand crystals in Crystal A/B and Indicolite!

But to have just a spiral rope alone wasn't enough!  I loved this turquoise and orange peacock charm from Cousin too, so I had to dress it up in true Dawn fashion.  Add a beaded carnelian component, some great Swarovski crystal copper bicones and BAM!!!  Now that's a flirty, fun, sparkly necklace! 

Look I'm on the cover, no really it's just sitting on the cover!

All of the crystals and the peacock charms can be purchased through Cousin Corporation's consumer website: 

If you aren't a Beadwork subscriber, you can pick up your copy at any number of retail locations or subscribe to their digital mag at

It's so great to have this piece back in my hands.  It's one of those pieces that seemed to take a LONG time to make... because I was literally going around and around in circles... one inch at a time.  Stay tuned for another project I'm working on with Swarovski Flatback crystals now offered through Cousin Corp.  It's a little DIY to bling up my new apartment... Can't wait to share!

Peace, love and sparkles!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Overcoming Challenges...

Guess what y'all... I'm here!!!  I've safely landed in Florida at my new home.  I found a beautiful apartment perfect for Tucker and I, where my soul feels free and I'm excited about starting a new chapter in my story.

In amongst the chaos of moving, my friends over at Cousin Corporation asked me to write a blog post about overcoming challenges.  No problem. . . wait, what to write.  Since I was packing and moving, the beads were already packed and on their way to their new studio.  So there wouldn't be a special project... but what to write about. 

Then I laughed at myself because I was stumped on writing a blog post about overcoming challenges.  Now THAT'S irony! 

SO you want to hear how I overcome challenges, especially where my jewelry designs are concerned???  Head over to the Cousin Blog and take a read!

Don't forget to follow them on social media for great jewelry tips, projects and inspiration!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Getting Creative with my Cousin Ambassador Sisters

Once upon a time Dawn went to the Craft & Hobby Association Mega Show to visit the Cousin booth and see some of their incredible pieces on a grand display.  Seeing so many creative people, new creations coming on the jewelry design and crafting scene and great project in all varieties of art really sparked her creativity.  So she brought that excitement home to share with her fellow Cousin Creative Ambassador Sisters.  While on that trip, she had an idea that she wanted to showcase each of the ambassadors and their very unique styles of design. 

So, she came up with the idea to coordinate a blog hop.  For the blog hop, Dawn put together a list of materials from Cousin Corporation and Prima Bead. Every Ambassador would receive the same materials and could design whatever they want.  In order to ensure everybody found something they liked, we brought in gemstones, crystals, chain, animal print and earth tones... so there was every reason to get creative!  Each ambassador can use whatever materials were sent, whether a little or a lot, and add to it anything they wished.  The idea was to truly allow each artist to showcase who they really are in designing something they would wear and love! 
Photo Courtesy of Shelly Owen Raziela's Designs

I'm so excited to share these pieces with you. After having this idea and kicking it off with my fellow Ambassadors, I began the adventure of relocating to be in the sunshine and near the sea where my heart is.  So I received the beads, then took a 10 day trip to Florida to find my future home.  I found the perfect place (which I'll share in another post soon) but that meant coming home, getting my rear in gear and designing something... then packing and downsizing like a fiend!  And I'm so excited to say, I've been able to accomplish all of that in a very short time!  So without further adieu, here's the 2 pieces I designed with some of the materials in our kit. 

I've been walking a bit on the wild side this year, so it was no surprise that the animal print beads spoke to me!  I loved how they were like flat coins... add a pop of bling with the mirror beads and the perfect chain and this necklace was ready for a night on the town!

This piece is native inspired.  The turquoise and orange color palette in the pendant were the perfect foundation for a whimsical and fun necklace.  Love the little leather tassel too!  The turquoise and orange beads are the perfect compliment to the pendant!  All in all, the piece is super cute and will be perfect to wear once I'm in Florida!

I have another crazy idea turning with the copper pieces and teal glass beads, but it'll have to wait until this mermaid is living by the sea later in April to be created.  Here's where the fun kicks in... each of my fellow ambassadors also created some amazing designs!  Won't you please take a moment to visit each of their blogs and see what they've designed to express their personalities!

Shelly Owen - Raziela's Designs -
Lisa Crone - A Bead A Day -
Allison Cooling - Quiet Lion Creations -
Rachel Nielsen - Adventures of a DIY Mom -
Molly Alexander - Beautifully Broken Me -
Rebecca Utermohlen - My Girlish Whims -
Carolina Moore - 30 Minute Crafts -   
Dawn Doucette - Bella Amore Legacy Jewelry - YOU ARE HERE!

To my fellow Ambassador Sisters, thank you each for playing along in Dawn's Crazy Bead Game.  I appreciate each of your friendships and the way you each inspire me creatively!  I think we ought to do another blog hop this summer!  Who's game?? 

Make it a beautiful day in your world!
Love & Hugs!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Following My Wild Heart - Heading Toward a Dream

I'm on a wild kick lately...  lots of changes are happening in my life and my inner creative soul is being set free!  I've begun the process of truly following my dreams and listening to my intuition as a guide to help me.  And friends, let me tell you, this is a big, Big, BIG dream... like moving halfway across the country in search of sunshine to design the life I've been building toward for years!  YIKES!

So in spirit of allowing my soul to run free and to be present in all my feelings, emotions and decisions I decided this year to create something special for a few of my very dearest friends.  They are like sisters to me, so I wanted to give them something that will remind them how much I love and cherish them in my life no matter the distance between us!

The fun part is, I found these super great leopard cabochons when I was doing some homework at Hobby Lobby for Cousin Corporation of America... which also coincided with planning the amazing For the Love of Greg Spaghetti Dinner benefit we had last October.  It was a really crazy busy fall for me, so my creativity just wasn't jiving then... but these spoke to me and I knew they'd become something amazing!

I used a steel chain from Cousin Corp so it's hypoallergenic and super light weight!  I beaded the leopard print cabochons to create a delicious palette of chocolate browns, black with a pop of irridescent finishes!  I love how they turned out, my friends loved them and even better... they'll always have a piece of my heart no matter near or far! 

Spread love & joy!

P.S. Follow my journey on Facebook:


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