Thursday, March 30, 2017

Bead Hop with my Cousin Creative Sisters

Guess what.... Easter's around the corner and we're hopping again.... BEAD HOPPING!!!  Imagine when I sparked the idea mid-January to do another blog hop featuring Cousin Corporation beads... I can't even believe the last one was 2 year ago... holy cow!  How I thought jeesh, a Febrary reveal would be easy peasy.  My fellow creative sisters and I would all get the same beads, create awesome pieces that are uniquely "us" and feature them in a fancy, sparkly blog hop!  But mid-January Dawn had no idea how busy February Dawn or March Dawn was going to be.  So here I sit, feeling like a college kid cramming for a final... typing like mad to get my blog post up before I fall asleep.  I got 2 of 3 projects done... one is still waiting which, funny enough, is the one with the colors that are my total fave... but enough about me rambling... I've got some jewelry to show you.

First, rocked the chunky druzy focal with some bad ass spikes  (also from Cousin, but not part of the selected beads.)   I wore this piece to work yesterday and it got a few thumbs up... I'm more of a silver girl by nature.... but the brown's and gold really played in a earthy delight... and reminded me of sand... which takes my heart to the beach.  And even when I'm not sitting on the beach, I'm still at the beach in my mind! ;)

Spikes also inspired the next little project.  Stretchy bracelets!!  I've fallen in love with stretchy bracelets.  Stack 'em, match 'em, give 'em, make 'em... you gotta have some!  I have some of my bracelets featuring seashells for sale in a fancy pet spa where my furry fella gets groomed - Unleashed Pet Spa - Check 'em out! Beth and Dennis are the best!

But anyhow, stretch bracelets are a thing - and for me, I could add some spikes and those big silver balls... I did those.  Black, white and silver a classic pairing with a little goth twist.

And lastly... my third project.... which is still just a project.  I saw the turquoisey purple goodness dancing together in a mermaid fashion. And it still will, in an amazing project, but it is still just a twinkle in my artisan's eye.  What it will turn into???  Not sure yet!  But it's going to be awesome!

Thanks for playing in our little box of beads.  For the real fun, keep hopping and check out my dear friend0's creations too! We're brought together by beads, but we've become dear friend! Cousin Creative Circle Ambassadors  -  It's a great group of creative women that all have one of a kind style! ♥

Rebecca Grafton - My Girlish Whims
Shelly Owen - Razelia's  Designs
Lisa Crone - A Bead A Day
Rachel Nielson - Adventures of a DIY Mom
Jennifer Priest - Hydrangea Hippo

Happy to be heading into the weekend!! Peace, love & sunshine!!

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