Monday, January 5, 2015

Is 2015 Going to Be Wild?

Hello Darlings and Happy New Year to You! 

With the start of a new calendar I find myself reflecting, as I'm sure you do to some extent or another as well, on the past year.  What went according to plan... what didn't... what surprised me and what I learned along the way.  Especially from those "didn't" experiences... often the best teacher.

In reflecting, for me personally it also allows me to let go of the things, thoughts, feelings, emotions that are no longer serving me... thus allowing room for more creativity, and more blessings to enter my life.  I had a few really big projects to wrap up the last 2 months of last year... but they are still super secret, so I can't show you pictures... but you can rest assured, I didn't fall in a hole or get eaten by gremlins because I got them wet... and they were hungry, after midnight!!!  I just can't reveal those pieces yet...

But flip the calendar, plan a trip to the big Craft & Hobby Association show this weekend and the creativity comes to life.  It's like just the mention of a trip to the land of glitter and sequins just fuels my fire.  Thus I created this set, because a girl's gotta have some glam to go with her wild side as she connects with other creative people! 

Darlings.... this is my Walk on the Wild Side... until next time! Meowwwwwww! ;)

Don't you just love those leopard beads?  They're from Cousin Corporation and for sale at ACMoore Stores.  I blinged them up with Swarovski Crystals in Crystal Copper and seed beads.  The bracelet totally rocks, it's a brand new product in the Cousin line.  I love it because it's hindged at the bottom and opens just under the focal I created!  There's so many options on how to play with a bracelet like this.... I picked up a few in Silver too... stay tuned!

Would love to chat more!  Feel free to pop over to my Bella Amore Legacy Jewelry Facebook Page and say hello!  Let's make 2015 a dynamite year together!
Love & Light ~

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