Saturday, December 19, 2009

Red & Silver Festive Valentine's Jewelry

How can I be thinking of Valentine's Day when we haven't even celebrated Christmas yet??? Well, I must plan ahead as people want to give special gifts to their special someone's for Valentine's Day. So I'm happy to oblige making sure they can ship with plenty of time to spare!

This custom creation is designed with beautiful glass beads. The red glass & silver foil in the middle of a bubble style beads are just beautiful. I love the combination of red & silver together. They are very festive and who doesn't like a little extra "bling" to accent their cozy winter sweater or adorable little black dress?

So we'll see, who gets to be the lucky recipient of this beautiful red & silver necklace & earrings set? It could be you... :)

Have a wonderful, safe holiday!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Where does your inspiration come from? For some, it comes from seeing a painting... the colors just pop out and viola - your next work of art begins to take shape. For others, it's a song - a great memory or a catchy beat that creates a spark.

Recently, I've been searching for inspiration for something new and different. I've been searching the internet and read books like crazy. What really affected me profoundly were two specific books. These great books are helping me to channel my passion for jewelry design, at the same time sparking new ideas and creativity. I know from experience that when you follow you passion, you'll be happier, and success will find you! It's really about what you want... and getting a burning desire to achieve it.

Here's the two books that greatly inspired me! Check them out and I hope you get inspired by them too!

I hope you find your passion and follow it!!!!!!!!


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