Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Those Hot Summer Nights

Welcome to summer - where the sun is brighter, the foliage more colorful, the sky bluer and Dawn the happier!  I absolutely LOVE summer, hence a big part of where I chose to move to... driving across the Georgia/Florida border was like the whole entire state wrapping it's arms around me and singing "Welcome Home!" like a chorus of angels.  Seriously... it's that much love!!

Unpacking has been fun and very challenging.  It's a whole new organization, it's a cleansing as I've been able to give away/donate things that no longer serve me and it's designing my own life the way I want.  So much fun!!!

The first project I tackled in my new studio was a piece just for me!  Just like last year, Cousin Corporation brought the 7 of us ambassadors down to their corporate office for 3 days/2 nights of business building, jewelry creating and trend spotting!  The first night is always a fun cocktail party, so it's my excuse to put on my sparkly shoes, don a cocktail dress and have a blast!

Because being right on the ocean offers amazing sunsets, I like to bring that magic into my outfit!  This year I found the most amazing, flowy, goddess inspired dress in tropical orange sherbet with splashes of tangerine, magenta, lavendar, gold and fuchsia! It was like a tropical kiss all in one!  It even had beading on it!!!  Can you say Serendipity??  (Yep, I know you just said it!) ;)

The necklace I made featured a one-of-a-kind lampwork focal from my dear friend Juli Cannon of Studio Juls. I've coveted it for a while because I knew it would turn into something magical when the time was right.  How perfect that my first jewelry design in my new home is with this beautiful work of art!

It pulls in all the perfect colors to make that piece POP against my dress!  I added a huge bit of sparkle with this gorgeous Swarovski Crystal Pendant.  The necklace is beaded with genuine agate rounds that I picked up on a trip to San Francisco in August 2013.  I fell in love with their vibrant color and smooth facets.  I also had to buy the amethysts cut by the same maker because PURPLE! ;) Those will be used in a future project, I'm still coveting their lusciousness!  It was a trip that made such a difference for my business and I built amazing friendships from that I cherish today!  So using these beads brought back that great memory and made this piece even more special.  The necklace also includes shamballa beads and toggle from Cousin Corporation!

I felt so inspired designing this necklace and it really worked beautifully with my sunset backdrop.  I had a great time reconnecting with my fellow Cousin Creative Circle Ambassadors!  Thanks to all who made this retreat memorable!


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