Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Inspired Jewelry Designs

Yes, we still have snow on the ground where I live in Lake Geneva, WI.  BUT I'm going to use the Power of Positive Thinking that Spring is on the way soon... she just had to stop and pick up a new handbag and killer heels.  :) And until she arrives fashionably late I'm going to stay inspired by pieces I've created that remind me of spring. 
Butterfly Kisses - Available for purchase
Fern Gully - Available for Purchase
Princess for a Day - Custom Order with JulsBead Focal

The funny thing where I live, the old saying goes something like this: "If you don't like the weather in Wisconsin, wait 5 minutes and it'll change."  Interestingly enough... it still feels like Winter.  However, this weekend we're supposed to be in the upper 40's (and maybe hit 50 - gasp!) for Easter Sunday.  So at least all the little adorable girls in the precious little white Easter dresses won't be too chilly.  They will have to worry about muddy shoes though!
GRAND Prize Winner - Romance in Bloom
Flowers for the Queen

I'm finishing an amazing cuff that I can't wait to share with you... picture this, chunky turquoise and amethyst with a druzy focal.  It really will be the bomb diggity when it's done... so off to the studio I go!
Walk in the Woods

Hope you have a fantastic day!

P.S.  I'm still sporadically having that thing with the "no-reply" email address when I'm commenting on other people's blogs.  It just did it again yesterday when I commented on my superstar glass girl JulsBeads!  So if you aren't sure if yours is also working right, I'd be happy to email you and let you know... just include your email address spelling out AT and DOT so the quirky online gremlin robots don't spam you.  :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

What is Art?

Art is evident in our world in many forms.  Art can be a painting or a sculpture.  Art can be photography or music.  Art can be movement and dance.  Art can take any form your mind can dream up.  

Art tells a story, whether in words, sounds, movements or feelings.  This piece was inspired by my heart and the feelings that are in it.  The focal is a lampwork glass work of art created by my dear friend Juls - JulsBeads.  I've had it in for a year (or 3) and loved it, loved the colors, but hadn't captured it's story. 

Until last week... and then it sang to me.  And I created it. 

I brought in shades of soft lavendar with Swarovski violet opal crystals, a rich amethyst and elegant turquoise.  I was even able to pull in Pantone's 2013 color of the year "Emerald" using blue zircon crystals. The necklace is finished with a few vintage inspired faceted glass beads and luxurious amethyst pearls. 

What's singing to you this week?  Are you working with black & gold or are you playing in green for St. Patrick's day!

Stay inspired~

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

When Did We Fall Off the Face of the Earth and Become NoReply When Commenting on Blogger

Has anybody else noticed lately that when people comment on your blog their email address is noreply-comment@blogger.com?  

I've commented on blogs over the last few weeks and people normally reply.  But I hadn't gotten any responses, so I thought, hmmmm, that's wierd.  I know everybody didn't suddenly jump off USS Dawn and choose to ignore me.

I also noticed when people commented on my blog, I tried to reply to them and their email address shows up as noreply-comment@blogger.  For those of you that have commented on the last 3 or 4 posts, if you haven't heard back from me this is why.

It would appear that somehow Google (who owns Blogger) has changed something in their algorithm that we are now all set to this funky no reply email address.  I fiddled with my profile for hours yesterday trying to get my email address to register with my comments on people's blogs.  I went back to my blogger profile from using google+, I checked the "Show my email box." NOTHING WORKED.  I even check *gasp* Google help... yeah, it didn't work either.  Help had nothing to offer for help, imagine that. LOL

So if anybody has the magic wand, I'd like a sprinkle of that fairy dust.  I really want to reply to all of you that so lovingly leave comments on my blog.  Even if the world jumped off the USS Dawn and nobody wants to reply to me...

In the mean time, if you're having the same technical challenge as I am, please leave your email address in your comments, I'll gladly respond.  (make sure you use AT and DOT instead of their respective symbols so the bots don't find you)

Thanks so much for helping a normally technically saavy internet user get the kinks out!

Love ya!
designsbydawnmd AT
Gmail DOT com
That's where you can find me! ;)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I Spy Something Turquoise

Did you ever play "I spy" as a kid... or count the (pick any color) vehicle as you were driving down the road in the back of the station wagon on a really longggggg carride?  Or was that just something my parents did to pass the time with the 4 of us wild & crazy kids?

Either way... I've been juggling a whole lot over the last number of weeks.  Let's just hope I don't drop my balls! ;) 

I started working on a piece using a focal that I've had for a very long time.  When a specific focal talks to you, you're supposed to drop everything and create, right?  Well taxes be damned and 87,524 other things on my plate right now, I've only been able to create in bits and pieces.  BUT, what I can promise you is that it will be amazing.  AND I promise it will be done before May.  IN ADDITION, I promise not to drop any balls... that could get messy. Tee hee he!
Coming Soon to a piece of wearable art - is one calling your name?

And because I really love you, that gorgeous lampwork focal in the piece I'm working on as well as the 6 you see above, were all created by my sister by choice, Julianna Cannon of Studio Juls (aka JulsBeads).  Juls gave me the kick in the shin I needed to dip my toes in the water of seed bead artistry and for that I am eternally grateful!  Won't you go show Juls some love and follow her blog?  She makes the most amazing glass focals and her beaded art is just out of this world! 

Love & Hugs to you!
Another Piece of Art created with a JulsBead focal
What starts as glass, transforms to wearable art! Thanks Juls for your inspiration!


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