Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mocha Latte - Chocolate - Love - Inspired Jewelry to Last a Lifetime

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, it's time we talk a little about LOVE!  Personally, I show my love for all those I care about!  Yes, in DawnVille, it's always Valentine's Day!  However some people need subtle reminders or gentle nudges about how to show their love and appreciation to those that matter.

This month, our assignment from Cousin Corporation was to design something that is Valentine's Day inspired.  My interpretation is your everyday Valentine.  

For my inspiration in my design, I think back to my first day with my sweetie!  We had a date at a coffee shop on a chilly fall night.  Drank mochas, watched the stars come out... until we saw floating orange orbs silently moving across the sky but those are for discussion on a different forum. ;)  I talked, he listened.  We shared stories until the frothy whip cream was long gone and the coffee shop was closing up for the night... so in honor of my first date with my love, this necklace is called Mocha Love!

For this necklace, I used a lampwork heart designed by Juli Cannon - Studio Juls and created the necklace with a mix of beads from Cousin Corporation.  The necklace has pearls, glass crystals, mirror beads, oval gemstone beads and copper accents

Every love is different, special and unique.  Meant to help us learn and grow.  Meant to cherish and represent a place & time in our lives.  Just like no two pieces of jewelry I design are the same.  Beadwork, stitching, accent beads... there will never be a necklace just like this!

If you are looking to celebrate your love with a one of a kind piece of legacy jewelry, apply for a free design session to work with me!  Not everybody appreciates art or celebrates love like I do.  But if this piece speaks to you and you'd like something original designed exclusively for you, I'd love to have a personal conversation!

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