Monday, October 31, 2011

The Only Time You'll see my BUTT plastered all over the Internet - No worries its G-Rated

What a fun weekend!  Seriously, lots of laughs and running around without pants on.  Oops, did I just type that... well maybe I better do a little rewind so you don't think I'm some freaky teaky joining a nudist colony going into winter.

Once upon a time (on Saturday) I had a friend Carol that was having an open house.  The open house was a blast.  Carol is an exceptional hostess and does all the right things ahead of time to market and ensure a great event.  Hostess with the mostess...

This time, in addition to asking me to share my Designs by Dawn Marie jewelry, Carol displayed and demonstrated her Miche Bag purse system.  Love the Miche Bag and love how Carol shares the product without EVER being pushy or "salesy."  She's an awesome relationship builder which makes her parties even more fun. 

I saw lots of faces that I knew from other parties Carol has hosted.  It was so sweet to hear people say they came just to see what new jewelry designs I had created.  I was able to share my bead embroidery jewelry with Carol's friends which hadn't seen this style of my jewelry in the past.  I got lots of "OMG, you MADE that!!  How do you have the patience?" 

We also had Art, from Purple Creek come.  He purchases gold & silver (and at a mighty fine price.)  Purple Creek pays out better than any local jewelry stores and WAY better than the Cash 4 Gold commercials you see.  Plus their reps test the gold & silver right in front of you so you see exactly what your pieces are and you get paid right there on the spot.  GREAT home party if you're looking for a win/win.  You and your guests all walk away with more $$ than you came in with. Cool - YES, very!

BUT... the something different about this event was so much fun I plastered a picture of my butt on Facebook!  SERIOUSLY... and I've NEVER done that before!  

Giving SparkleButt a Whole New Meaning!
Carol had invited a woman that demonstrates Vault Denim.  I had never heard of Vault Denim before and all Carol knew was that she brings in blue jeans in all sorts of sizes and you purchase them right there.  I tried to go online to see what the jeans look like ahead of time, but their website doesn't show their jeans.  That's because their inventory is always changing.  They get designer jeans that are factory overstocks and sell them for 1/2 of what you'd pay in the store for designer jeans.  Okay... I'd never pay for designer jeans in the store, so I went in with an open mind. 

I walked into Carol's living room and squeeled like a little girl.  SERIOUSLY... as I looked at all the jeans that the woman was setting up (because I was there early to set up my jewelry too) I was seeing crystals and rhinestones all around the room.  OMG I was in BLING heaven!  Were the jeans ever cute and the denim was a good quality denim. 

So I dropped my drawers and started trying on... okay I didn't do it in the living room, I went to a bedroom first.  I tried on 14 pairs of jeans (and I really, really, REALLY dislike trying on blue jeans because they NEVER fit right.)  Yes, I tried on at least 14 pairs and finally narrowed the lot down to 6 - did you hear me?  I found 6 pairs that I liked and that looked good on me.   Again, that NEVER happens!  I'm pretty sure the angels in heaven were all singing Hallelujah because I was having a BLAST and kept looking at my butt in the mirror.

We were laughing and having such a great time that I had to spread the word to answer the question so many people that were invited to the party had:  What type of jeans does Vault Denim have.  A:  Super cute well cut jeans that have spandex so they fit comfortably, wear just right (and hold their shape!)  That way people knew what to expect that were pondering coming to the open house or not.  If they like cute jeans, they were there!

So alas, my butt in some blingy hot blue jeans ended up on Facebook and we had a great turnout at the party.  Seriously, I don't know where all Vault Denim currently has distributors, but if they are in your area, this is a GREAT idea for a girls night out party.  You will have a blast!  If you're in my area (SE WI or northern IL) I've got a great woman to connect you with.  She was really helpful with fitting and finding those pairs that were "perfect" for your personality.

For the record, I did narrow down the 6 pairs to just my favorite.  AND They got the stamp of approval from Chris when I wore them home... and the rest is all history! ;)

Hope your week is fantastic!

P.S. This party was just what my creative heart needed with so many life "issues" going on for the past several weeks.  I'm headed to the studio to create some new pieces and I can't wait to share with you exactly what comes of it! YEAH!

To start your Christmas shopping, visit for a special section of the online store just for Christmas Gifts.  Dawn Doucette is an artisan that creates OOAK custom beaded jewelry blending her unique style with the personality of the recipient to make something truly special.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Here is an Awwwww Moment to start your weekend out with a fuzzy feeling

Fuzzy like cute... not fuzzy like fuzzy.  I have an open house this weekend at my dear friend Carol's house - who coincidentally sells Miche purses.  If you don't know what a Miche Bag is, check out Carol's website:

Miche Bag Readers Digest Version:  NEVER Dump your purse to change bags again.  Miche is a base bag with interchangeable shells now in 4 different sizes!

She does a fall open house every year and has asked me to again join her this year.  So I'll be headed over there to set up Designs by Dawn Marie jewelry ahead of time.  So while I've been tagging pieces and putting the finishing touches on my display... I wanted to share a picture with you that will make you go awwwwwwww.

Yes these are my girls, finding their "new" normal.  As I work, they have learned to really love each other (which is saying a lot for my almost 12 year old Springer Brandi.)  Little Bella blew into the house like an F5 tornado over the summer and finally they are learning to play - and actually love each other.  This photo was taking yesterday.  Brandi was sleeping on the VERY cushy dog bed and Bella wanted to cuddle.  So she jumped up next to Brandi, curled up in a ball and away they both did sleep.  Did I tell you I love my girls?

Hope you weekend is filled with sweet and tender Awwww moments!

Dawn Doucette is a jewelry artist based out of her studio in Wisconsin.  You can learn more about Dawn on her website:  As an artist, Dawn specializes in creating custom beaded jewelry that perfectly mirrors the recipients personality.  Currently she's added a Christmas Gift section to her online store of finished jewelry designs.  She is happy to gift wrap your purchase so it's ready to put under your tree!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Creating Heirloom Jewelry for a Special Lady at Just the Right Time

One of the warmest, fuzziest feelings for me is when I can make somebody's day.  Whether it's surprising them with a handwritten card out of the blue, buying them a coffee or designing a piece of jewelry that perfectly matches their personality.

Key to Her Heart - Bead Embroidered Art Jewelry
For the second present from my birthday giveaway the lucky winner was Gen Voss, The Diversified Crafter.  After Bella chose Gen as the winner, I set out to get to know Gen's personality and discussed with her what colors and styles she likes. 

What I learned about Gen is that she's all heart.  This woman maintains a positive attitude, is constantly supportive of her online and offline family AND she's a wonderful mother, grandmother and GREATgrandmother.  Now that's some big shoes to fill Gen!

I wanted to make a special piece for Gen that she would be able to pass down to her daughter or granddaughter someday.  What I designed is a work of bead embroidery art!  I call it "Key to Her Heart."  When I e-mailed Gen the photos, she e-mailed back in tears because this came at just the perfect moment for her.  Gen needed a pick me up on a particularly difficult day and I'm so glad this necklace was the perfect solution.

Bead Embroidery as a style of design just resonates with me.  I just love how each bead has it's own voice and how they all play together to create texture, color and send a message.  The voice behind Gen's necklace said it was a vintage romantic at heart and indeed it was.

Hope your day is filled with beautiful things!

Dawn Doucette is a jewelry artist based out of her studio in Wisconsin.  You can learn more about Dawn on her website:  As an artist, Dawn specializes in creating custom beaded jewelry that perfectly mirrors the recipients personality.  Currently she's added a Christmas Gift section to her online store of finished jewelry designs.  She is happy to gift wrap your purchase so it's ready to put under your tree!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Birthday Giveaway Presents Revealed

So excited to share with you the first of the birthday presents I gave away.  If you're new to my blog, I had a brief stint on the Celebrity Creators Television show.  On my live show I talked about turning your passion and purpose into a viable business.  I also offered to give away a piece of custom made Designs by Dawn Marie jewelry to one lucky winner.

Well my little Bella has a big mouth and picked two winners.  So here's the present I created for Nancy.  Actually when Nancy found out she won, she asked me to create something special for her granddaughter.  So my first step was to find out a bit more about her granddaughter.  I saw a photo, learned her age, found out the colors she likes and what type of jewelry she wears.

As a teen, she wears a lot of black and red.  So I wanted to make something really "cool" that she'd wear to school or the movies and feel beautiful wearing.  I created a necklace and bracelet set.  The custom made necklace is a choker style with a vintage style skeleton key dangling.  It's a touch of gothic with a dance of vintage romanticism.

For the matching bracelet, I used the classic tiffany-style bracelet with the heart charm.  I used a substantial gunmetal chain and added a few dangly charms, one being a great crystal heart.  Again it has that flair of romanticism with the pop of color!

I can't wait to hear what Nancy's granddaughter thinks when she gets her pretty package.  From what Granny said, she's a very special girl that deserves to be treated as such.  She makes her Granny very proud and it was such a priviledge to create a set for this special girl.  It really touched my heart to be brought into the family.

So I ask my fellow artisan friends, what is one of the most special pieces of custom jewelry you've been asked to create?  I love to hear stories from the heart and I know we all share in the sentimental moments!  So let's spread love together! 

The other winner was Gen and I have finished her heirloom necklace and will be sharing that later this week.  I can't wait to show Gen and hear her reaction.  Hopefully it's the perfect piece that matches her beautiful, generous heart!

Have a terrific week! {Hugs!}

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Captions are like small print so they don't count

This week in 2009 - view from my desk
Oct 24, 2009 - My front yard
Sunset 2009 - the evening my nephew Liam was born
2 years ago, 10/20/2009 - happy birthday little Liam!
Just cuz baby toes are cute!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Awareness Jewelry - Having a message and sharing it beautifully

Some of the most special pieces of custom made jewelry I've been able to design are awareness pieces.  Not only are the designs special because they are OOAK, but the message the recipient is sharing by wearing such a piece proudly is even more profound.

While awareness jewelry isn't something I keep in my store at all times, when I have the opportunity to create something special, it makes me so very happy.  Here's a few of the designs I've created recently as custom orders for different awareness messages.
Diabetes Awareness - Symbolized as a Grey Ribbon
Breast Cancer Awareness Brooch
Domestic Violence Awareness - A Purple Ribbon
If you are looking for a really special gift for someone, maybe you're now considering a piece of custom beaded jewelry with their symbolic awareness ribbon.  I'd be happy to help if you are thinking about it.  Drop me an e-mail and we'll create something beautiful together!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

From Kit to Kaboodle - The Lima Beads Challenge Results

I'm so excited that today is the reveal of this jewelry making challenge.  I don't often purchase "kits" of pre-sorted and picked out beads and components.  But when I saw a blog post by Shannon & Lorelei Eurto about the kit they put together with LimaBeads I said GIMME!!!!  And I surfed right over with credit card in hand to get hooked up!

It was my first experience with LimaBeads and it was wonderful. Super fast shipping, great quality stones and beads, well packaged.  So if you're looking for a new bead vendor... check 'em out!

Once I had the hot little kit in my hand, it was up to my muse to show up.  I laid everything out on a cookie sheet, and added some of my own "stash" and played with ideas and moved things around... for 2 weeks!  Then inspiration struck and I saw two distinctly different color patterns that were popping out at me.

Here's the first!

I saw the creamy yellow colors and the soft lavender blending together in a really soft, romantic look.  Once I had the color pallet in mind, putting the necklace together flowed so sweetly.  I used a vintage button that had both the cream and lavendar on it.  Enhanced it with seed beads and the Czech glass gladiola buttons and rondelles that were in the kit.  I also incorporated a few of the freshwater pearls to add a little splash of the cream.  From the focal, I created a drop with the Vintage pendant they included in the kit.  Dangling center I was able to use one of the amethyst teardrop.

The second piece I did was and still feels like buttah (or butter depending on where you live) in my hands.  I had a beautiful focal that was created especially for me from Erin Prais-Hintz of Tesori Trovati.  It's a double sided pendant from her simple truths collection.  Once side says "Love" the other side says "Focus on What Really Matters" - which is so perfectly Dawn!

So when I saw the beautiful dyed silk ribbon included in the challenge kit, it married so perfectly with the pendant Erin had made me, I knew they needed to be joined in holy bead-trimony.  :o)  But how the heck to I use silk ribbon???? I've never used a fiber in my creations before in my life!  Enter in some oval chain I had in my stash and my great talents as a weaver. (really the talents aren't that great, but it sure sounded important).  From there all the components came together.  For the necklace I actually created something asymmetrical that WORKS for my eyes!  (I'm a little type a not A, just a, and asymmetical is often very hard for me to create)  I brought in some of the purples, this very cool lone abalone bead that came in the kit, turquoise zebra jasper nuggets and Czech FP rounds.  But then I still had the challenge of those funky, beautiful Biwa pearls.  They were top drilled like little tears from the sea, so I had to use them.  I wire-wrapped a chain and created a party fringe!

So thanks for coming to my reveal party!  Please stop over to Lorelei and Shannon's blogs to see their creations and those of other participants.  I had a great time and really was able to grow with such a unique mix.  I still have earrings to make to match the necklaces (because one can't have naked ears), but those are still on my bead table.

Hope your weekend is fill with Love and pumpkin spice!

Just meeting me for the first time?  Let's connect on Facebook to spread the word about artisan jewelry! or find me on Google+ Dawn Doucette

Friday, October 7, 2011

Facebook Friday - All those changes!

It's Friday and I felt a good time to do a Facebook Friday again.  This is the part of the post where I'm supposed to say something WOW and amazing about Facebook or teach you something fun and exciting.  However, with all the freakin' changes... I've pulled nearly all my hair out and the only 3 strands I have left are grey!  Seriously!

Okay, so what are those changes (or as many of us are saying, what hasn't changed) in the last 2 weeks.  And you're right... darn tootin' everything has changed.

Newsfeed - Facebook is now telling us what they think we want to see and read.  REALLY?  I've always been about honesty.... just lay it out there like it is and I'll pick what I want to read.  We can no longer sort by type of updates (like I used to sort by status updates, then check out the uploaded photos and if I had a boatload of time, then I'd look at links people posted.)  Yep, no more... you're being spoonfed whether you like it or not.  I'm still on the NOT wagon personally.

Pages - So much!  Really... and there's more changes coming.  Tagging, you can only "tag" someone in a status update (typing the @ symbol then their name) if they are a fan of your page.  Also, you can "tag" someone in comments on both pages and your personal profile.  People are still setting up personal pages for their businesses (doh!).  At the end of this month, FB is taking away the REVIEWS tab from all business pages.  As of yesterday, FB also added "Number of People Talking about This" just below your Liker count.  Which is nice, but really there's no way at this point of seeing who's talking about this... or be able to comment on posts about your business.  Too many programming geeks, not enough teachers. 

Photos - FB is only showing a snippet of the photo in the newsfeed if you upload more than one photo at a time.  You have to click on the photo to see the whole picture.  It's also a different layout on your wall.  It'll also take getting used to. 

Subscriber Feed - people can now subscribe to your feed to be alerted to everything you post without you having to accept their friend request.  So if you're in the witness protection program, this totally spoils your whole FB experience.  Really though, If I wanted somebody to read my everything about me, they'd be my friend. 

Who's sharing?  When people share something that you posted on your wall, it now will show how many "shares" this item has had.  You can also see WHO shared it and be able to comment or thank them.  Great for relationship building!  This is a great addition!

Many settings can be adjusted by editing your privacy options in your Account.  It's too much to list here, but you can check it out. 

On a side note, tomorrow Lorelei Eurto and Shannon (I only wish I could pronounce your last name because in my mind it's sounding like chocolate - seriously) Chomanczuk will be hosting a blog hop revealing great works from jewelry designers all over Blogland.  They put a great kit together with and the challenge was to design something (or multiple somethings) with the kit.  SO, mark you calendar so you can stop back here!!!  I can't wait to show you what I created!

TGIF all!  If you have comments on the recent FB changes, please feel free to share them.  We're all learning as we go and helpful tips are appreciate by all those still scratching their heads.  

Want to really shout it from the rooftops, share this blog post on your FB profile!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - FALL

So close and almost wordless... but if you know me, you know wordless isn't a word that describes ME!  So... here's some words to inspire you from Today's Sizzzl talk radio show with Suzy Manning:

Peace, Love and Inspiration!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Join me on Blog Talk Radio with Sizzzlicious Woman - Suzy Manning

Sneak Peek of my Challenge piece for Lorelei & Shannon's beading challenge.  The big reveal is on Saturday 10/8 right here on my blog!!
It's so gorgeous outside today you have got to be saying to yourself, "What the heck is Dawn doing inside typing a blog post??"

And if you asked yourself that... then you and I are in the same BOAT!!!

So I'm typing a breakneck speed because I'm very excited to share with you this...

Tomorrow, Wednesday 10/5, I am going to be chatting with Suzy Manning CEO and founder of Sizzzl live on her blog talk radio show.  Suzy is passionate about helping women embrace their feminine qualities and use their strength to lead fulfilling lives.

We will be chatting about living your passion and following your destiny to lead a fulfilling life!  The show will be live online at 12:00 noon EST (11:00 a.m. in WI, or 9:00 a.m. on the west coast):
Or you can dial in from a phone if you're on the road to:
(858) 220-7937

Our discussion will be about half hour long and will be recorded for playback later.  I truly hope you can join us and look forward to chatting with you live tomorrow!

Okay... now I'm going back outside to take some jewelry photos and try not to eat boxelder bugs at they fly at my face.  Honestly... the warmth brings them out in droves!

Have a splendiforous day all!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall did not tiptoe in NOPE - She came flying in hootin and hollerin

Honest to goodness, you know the minute fall arrived on our doorstep!  She blew in like a bat outta hell and it's downright chilly!  There was actually a layer of ice on the puddles in the driveway this morning.

Now you're probably scratching your head crying "Say it ain't so Dawn."  And I'd love to oblige.  But darn it it's freezing!  However the one bright star through my tears of summer is that fall beckons Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING!!!!  Holla!!!!
Image From

Yes, the day Caribou, Panera, Starbucks and bakeries around the area bring in pumpkin spice, I'm totally doing the happy dance.  Can you see me?

So here's my little tip of the day for you, to bring pumpkin spice into your home (for less than the $5 per cup you pay at the big coffee chains) when you put your coffee in the filter in the morning, use a dash of pumpkin spice with it.  (Or substitute cinnamon, nutmeg and a tiny dash of clove)  You'll have a gourmet treat and save your $$ for some custom beaded jewelry (especially the Designs by Dawn Marie sort)!  This tip was shared with me by my good friend and fellow foodie Stacy at SLMPetersen - where life is all about great food, great crafting and love!

Hope your weekend is fantastic!


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