Monday, February 9, 2015

Following My Wild Heart - Heading Toward a Dream

I'm on a wild kick lately...  lots of changes are happening in my life and my inner creative soul is being set free!  I've begun the process of truly following my dreams and listening to my intuition as a guide to help me.  And friends, let me tell you, this is a big, Big, BIG dream... like moving halfway across the country in search of sunshine to design the life I've been building toward for years!  YIKES!

So in spirit of allowing my soul to run free and to be present in all my feelings, emotions and decisions I decided this year to create something special for a few of my very dearest friends.  They are like sisters to me, so I wanted to give them something that will remind them how much I love and cherish them in my life no matter the distance between us!

The fun part is, I found these super great leopard cabochons when I was doing some homework at Hobby Lobby for Cousin Corporation of America... which also coincided with planning the amazing For the Love of Greg Spaghetti Dinner benefit we had last October.  It was a really crazy busy fall for me, so my creativity just wasn't jiving then... but these spoke to me and I knew they'd become something amazing!

I used a steel chain from Cousin Corp so it's hypoallergenic and super light weight!  I beaded the leopard print cabochons to create a delicious palette of chocolate browns, black with a pop of irridescent finishes!  I love how they turned out, my friends loved them and even better... they'll always have a piece of my heart no matter near or far! 

Spread love & joy!

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