Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Gift of Creativity

Photo courtesy of Juli Cannon - Julsbeads
Yesterday I posted and shared with you a little secret... "the bead fairies are spoiling me rotten!"  I've had so much creativity flowing through this body that I'm practically bouncing like Tigger.  Yesterday I snapped some photos of a necklace I designed with a set of really, really cool beads from JulsBeads.  I'm telling you, these beads started talking to me the moment we laid eyes on each other.

They are the coolest round bead with a "ribbed" exterior in clear glass.  In the middle is a blend of beautiful purples and blues with a hint of maroon... maybe... or maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me. :o)  Either way, they are beautiful!

So they were the inspiration for this necklace.  I love swirls & curls (which is why wire jewelry originally caught my attention when I was toying with the idea of where to go next in Dawn's Great Life Adventure).  So I carried the swirly pattern through creating a chain of seed beads in a swirl pattern.  The necklace turned out really colorful, and tons of fun.

I have another project in the works that will also be wonderful!  Can't wait to share more... but for now, the beads are calling! Hope your day is full of creativity and love!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Champagne Anyone!

I had this ornament hand-painted with our dog's pictures.

I'm still savoring all the wonderful memories that were made over Christmas.  We have lots of family close buy, so our Christmas started a week early and ran all the way through the weekend.

The highlight of the holiday - my niece and nephew (2 1/2 and 14 months) enjoying the Sterlite tub we brought our gifts in.  First it was a boat.  Then it was a drum (upside down) and then my sister Amy gave the kids a big bag of soft vinyl colorful balls... upon them dumping in the tub it became a "Bubble Bath in the Living Room Auntie Dawn - Squeeeee!"

Frog Toe Socks for Ashlynn!
We laughed so hard, and shared so much love it was really wonderful.  We also had created an Elf Yourself video using photos of Chris' parents (who are 75 & 76).  We again laughed our fannies off watching Nana & Papa break it down disco style!  I think during that 8 minute video we each added at least 10 years to our lives!

Yesterday I had an AMAZING day with the beads.  Seriously the bead fairies were so generous with me, my creativity was seeping out my pores and I think even my dogs are wanting to learn how to bead.  I have to get photos to share, but I promise you... you'll absolutely love it too! 

I'm getting re-organized and back into a rhythm this week.  Then Saturday is the ROSE BOWL with our very own Wisconsin Badgers!  So it'll be another fun weekend!  In the mean time, I hope the bead fairies are just as kind to you!

{Hugs & Peace!}

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What Every Woman Wants Giveaway

Guess what my dear friends... I've partnered with my good friend Sky Purington, an incredible author to do one last giveaway of the year!  Our theme is What Every Woman Wants and I've created two... not one but TWO custom pieces of jewelry for this special giveaway.

Anybody can enter and to do so, just head on over to Sky's Blog and take a look at our little visit.  We chat about our Christmas Traditions and Memories and look forward to hearing some of yours!  To get to Sky's blog, here's the address:

Sky is a wonderful author.  She writes of Scottish Highland hunks, and mystical travels... adds a bit of history and blends it all together to make an indredible fantasy adventure.  While you are visiting her blog, please take the time to look at her works.  Personally, I LOVE to soak in my antique bath tub, steam rolling out, and Sky's books creating the scene!  But that's just me!

Good luck!  Hope your holiday's are wonderful!

Sylvan MIst

Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

With a 1 & 2 year old... the perfect family picture is always original!
It's official - Christmas week is HERE!!!! YEAH!  I just love Christmas time... the singing, the laughter, the outpouring of love and time with family, all while counting my many, many blessings.  Yesterday we celebrated Christmas with my mom's side of the family.  Our theme this year was Christmas in Hawaii... and it was AWESOME!  While it was frigid cold (remember, I'm in WI) we still sported bermuda shorts, sundresses and pareos!  No coconut bras were used in this event however... 14 degrees and not even the coconuts can hide that! ;)

I personally will be finishing up an ornament for my grandma (yes the grandma who I saw yesterday for our family Christmas) and immediately Priority Shipping it to her (she's also in WI) so she has something to open on Christmas Eve.  A special beaded, one-of-a-kind gift from Dawn... awwwwww, you can awwww with me, I know you want to!

Amateur photography at it's best!
So as we finish up those last minute projects for gifts, I urge you to celebrate the true reason for the season!  Merry CHRISTMAS!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Busy.... very Busy.

Am I the only one running 10 million miles per hour and my "To Do" list keeps on growing?  My family celebrates Christmas starting this Saturday with my Mom's whole side of the family, then continues next weekend with Chris' family and my immediate family.  Celebrate Early & Celebrate Often!

So while I finish up the gifty gifts for friends and family, and put the mistle in mistletoe... I'll be humming carols and steam will be coming from my sneakers - because I'll be moving VERY quickly right about NOW!

Sending you Joy and Peace!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Through Blogging I've met sooooo many wonderful friends over the last number of years.  I can't even count them all because I run out of fingers and toes every time I try.  BUT, two in particular put a little extra smile on my face.  They've been there both on & offline to help me grow in to a better person.  They've brainstormed with me to help build a better community for all of my friends, fans and readers.  Together we've shared laughter and tears over life stuff.... and thus why today, I feel so grateful.

Thankful for the internet connecting us all across the globe.  Thankful for a medium in which to communicate and share... stories, pictures and partake in each others lives.

These two women inspire me and help fuel my creativity.  You'll know why the minute you visit their virtual home and share a cup of online java with them.  Let me help you find the perfect resource for your last few Christmas gifts you need to pick up.  I promise you, you'll be absolutely delighted with their works.. Promise!!!!

Julianna Cannon - President, CEO, SUPERB Chief of JulsBeads
Juls offers the most amazing glass beads and art jewelry I've seen.  Her hands are like magic... give her glass and a torch and the combinations of color and textures she creates are amazing.  Right now, Juls is offering a SUPER-DUPER discount on everything in her Etsy Store.  But don't take my word for it... check out her blog post here.

Stacy Petersen - President, CEO and Ultimate Inspiration of SLM Petersen

Stacy and I could be sisters... from different misters.  From the minute we connected it was like an inspiration lightbulb went on.  While I thought my creative brain was going too many directions, Stacy's talent's are even MORE numerous!!!  She can cook, she can sew, she can scrapbook, she crochets... um, I know I'm forgetting some, but seriously, this girl has talent oozing out her fingertips.

Stacy operates two - yes 2 online stores, one for her fabric and crafts, the other for her paper crafts.  Just recently she brought back her Kids Cookbook - which is self authored - to her Etsy Store.  I scooped one up as a Christmas gift and I'll bet you need one too!  (Okay, maybe it's not JUST for a gift, who doesn't want to know how to make your own sidewalk chalk?

To check out Stacy's Christmas ornaments, adorable beanies and fabric crafts, check out her Artfire Store here.

Thank you both for inspiring me beyond words.  I'm grateful, and so happy the internet brought us all together... one big web family! 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jewelry and Beading Magazines

I have a great conversation question for you this morning.  Which jewelry making or beading magazines are your FAVORITE?  This question stems from a post by my bloggy friend Sara Hardin with Soft Flex.  They are having a giveaway for a subscription to the eMagazine Hand Crafted Jewelry Studio here - so check it out!

When I made the decision to be my own boss and that I was going to make jewelry full time, I thought my ultimate goal was to set faceted stones and work with gold & silver as a metalsmith.  While I still might someday (because who doesn't like pretty fancy stones?) I've gotten lost in the land of beads and wire! 

I have been a Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine subscriber for several years now.  It's the only wire jewelry magazine I've seen.  While it gives me some wonderful ideas, I figured out this year that I'm being drawn more toward beautiful lampwork beads (click here for THE BEST lampwork glass beads I've found) and even more drawn toward itty bitty seed beads.  I've always loved the look of seed bead jewelry but for some reason I didn't have the confidence that I could do it myself. 

No worries, my mother in law bought me a magazine with the russian spiral tutorial and ever since I've been looking for a seed bead support group!  LOL  So that brings me to my question... what beading magazines do you love?

I have bought several off the magazine rack over the year as I'm going to the checkout at the grocery store.  I've received old copies from friends that are no longer making jewelry... some of these are true vintage from 1995 - WOW~  Those are some old school Bead & Button.  I've seen stringing, and always try to scoop up the copy of whichever magazine I read my blogger friends are featured in.  So I'm like a patchwork quilt... a little of everything.

How about you?
Make it a terrific day!  {Hugs!}

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wrap Bracelets for All

When somebody comes to me looking for a Christmas gift for a coworker, secret santa or the kids' teachers, one of my recommendations that is affordable for them and fits nearly anybody are wrap bracelets!  At this time of the year where people are looking for that little something extra to put with the coffee mug, or loaf of home-baked bread, a sparkly beaded wrap bracelet makes the perfect compliment.  No need to worry about is she a 7" or an 8" bracelet? 

As you can see from the photo, I'm still "working" on the whole I'm-going-to-figure-out-this-indoor-picture-thing-come-hell-or-high-water-with-out-sunlight.  This morning we've gotten 5" of beautiful fluffy snow (and that's enough for me for an entire year) resulting in no sun.  Bummer  So I'm a work in progress, as so many of us are when the lighting changes.  I'm really missing using my natural landscape for my pictures that I have during the summer.  I figure if I'm not learning I'm probably not living!  So here's to learning new things!

Make it a terrific weekend!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Want more traffic to your blog? Blogmania is your answer!


Blogmania is open to YOU!

Blogmania has proven to be a lot of fun. Not only do you get to see a lot of amazing blogs/bloggers that may have otherwise been buried under the sea of blogs but you get to potentially win a ton of prizes! Last season over 35K in prizes were dished out worldwide!

Would you like to be a part of this crew of Blogmania bloggers? Would you like to become more PR friendly, grow your blog, meet new bloggers, form new relationships with bloggers and shop owners? Regardless of your blogging goals, be it one or all of those,  you will have FUN! 

If you are interested in being on the Blogmania 2011 crew please send me a note at and I will respond with the details of the event. Registration is open until March 1st but those that sign on by Dec 15th, 11:59pm EST will be entered into a CASH prize drawing!

Want to learn more about BLOGMANIA?  Check out my Blogmania Page for an overview of what Blogmania is and updates from previous Blogmania events!

Look forward to helping you get involved if you so choose! :)

Blogmania Dream Team Leader

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Pay it Forward Day!

I was invited on Facebook to join an event today for "Pay it Forward" day. I just love spreading love, happiness and a little 'sumpin, 'sumpin on occasion when it really surprises people.  Seeing a huge smile on somebody's face when they least expect it is such a gift... the kind that keeps on giving.

So today, I'm working on custom orders that people have placed for Christmas gifts.  The joy I'm putting into the special orders just makes me giggly!  But also, the gift giver will also find a little 'sumpin, 'sumpin for them too! More smiles + more love = a much brighter, better world!

Spread joy & love!  Tomorrow, I'm going to have a blog post about open enrollment for Blogmania.  For those blogs looking to gain additional exposure on your blogs to a global audience, stay tuned.  If you'd like the info today, drop me an e-mail!

Make it a terrific day a share a little love!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Your Sunday Funny...

You think your Thanksgiving was wonderful, you've gotta see what Chris and I were up to!

Here's Chris:

You can only imagine how much eggnog I poured for him!!!  LOL

From our house to yours, we hope your holiday weekend has been wonderful!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thank YOU... really, Thank You!

As our feast of greatfullness approaches, we're all readying ourselves to share love, laughter and a wonderful meal with loved ones. (Beginning as soon as I'm done with this post, I'm going to start the baking - cherry pie and Aunt Noreen's Corn Casserole!)

One of the people I am so thankful for is YOU!  Without your comments, feedback and friendship I wouldn't be the person I am today.  Everytime I get a comment on my blog, I know that someone took a little extra time to read my post and share their thoughts.  In a world where it seems we're running 90 mph and never really getting our whole "To Do" list done, the fact that you chose to spend time on my blog sharing your feedback with me is really special.  And I sincerely appreciate your efforts!

I want to share my thankfulness with you.  As my token of appreciation for your friendship and feedback, I have marked one of my favorite pieces of ALL TIME on Sale... it's only on sale through Friday.  So... if you're not going to brave the crowd at 4 a.m. have fun doing your shopping online. This piece features one of my very favorite focal beads from Juls Beads (that girl makes magic with glass!)  She named the focal Lady Godiva and I think that's the most regal, royal name on the planet.  So for you, treat yourself or to treat someone you love - here's Lady Godiva on sale!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday, cherishing all those you love, never forgetting to say "I love you!" and remembering those families that can't be together for the holidays.  For those overseas and serving our country, I send you my greatfulness for your unending selflessness.

From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!
May you be blessed beyond your wildest dreams!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm Jonsin' for Doughnuts - anybody going to the store?

Since Thanksgiving is this coming week, and we're all preparing to stuff ourselves beyond the levels of self control, I've opted to busy my fingers writing a blog post this morning rather than throwing on some shoes and driving to the store for fresh baked sugary goodness stuffed with Bavarian Custard and frosted with delicious chocolate frosting.  Less calories AND I get to tell you how much I appreciate you reading my blog.  Tell that to my craving stomach muscle!!

This week has been spent wrapping up loose ends from my open house last weekend and getting a few custom orders done and almost out the door.  (Note to Mother Nature: Mama needs some sunshine so I can snap some photos before I let my loving creations fly out with the post.  Thank you very much!)  I've also been working at getting some pieces listed in my Artfire Store that weren't ready to go to a new home last weekend.

Since I know many of my customers right now are shopping for holiday gifts, in addition to gift boxing, I'm also offering gift wrapping.  That's one less package they need to worry about and one less paper cut they have to grumble through.  :)

One of the latest pieces I listed was created from my own shopping experience.  I love the look of bracelets, but every bracelet I try on is too big.  A 7 1/2" bracelet slides over my wrist like a dog on ice.  So I challenged myself to create a bracelet for those women with petite wrists that would be comfortable and fit perfectly.

This style is created using the herringbone stitch so it lays beautifully flat on the wrist letting you forget you are even wearing it.  I just love this pattern because it's totally flexible to ANY size you want to make it.  So it works for any woman!  Want to see more pictures, check it out here!

Hope your weekend is wonderful!
Thanks for helping me get over my craving for doughnuts!  Maybe this is the type of doughnut I should be jonsin' for! :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beaded Ornaments - Not Just for Christmas!

I've been quiet this week... not resting or sleeping... just not typing or spending much time on the computer.   

Because I've been in Bead Heaven!  Yes, I've been playing with a few styles of ornaments that I want to make available in my store.

The Inspiration
When my mom & I used to go Christmas shopping together (when I was a little girl) I relished the thought of not only the 1-on-1 time with Mom, but also going store to store, up and down the aisles finding the "perfect" ornaments for each of my siblings.  It was a tradition every year my parents got each of us a special ornament... whether it was a gold foiled golf ball (for me), or a Camaro ornament (for my brother), or a puppy or a handblown bubble, choosing from so many ornaments was always so much fun!

My favorite Christmas Ornaments and the ones that always caught my eye were either A. really delicate or B. SUPER detailed.  We would browse in the "fancy" garden centers at the artisan crafted ornaments and I'd drool over all those beads... they were just dripping for those beautiful glass balls.  They were also a gazillion $ and not something I would get as a kid.

But now... as an adult... and an artisan in my own life, I've decided that I could make something similar.  A beaded ornament that is stunning and detailed and could be passed down through the generations to become an heirloom.  I dream of a Designs by Dawn Marie beaded ornament adorning the tops of pianos, or curio cabinets or fireplace mantles hanging on beautiful ornament stands and cherished all year long!

Ahhhh, to dream!  It's what keeps the bounce in our step and the inspiration in our creativity!
What are some of your favorite holiday memories?  I'd love to hear!

Have a wonderful afternoon!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Open House in Review!

What a wonderful experience I had this weekend for my Holiday Open House.  I spent the last week or two cleaning and prepping my studio and decorating for the holidays.  All the invitations were sent out (I have to say paper invitations in the mail increase your success rate by 10,000% seriously!)

Saturday proved to be cold, windy and raining - BUT - it didn't affect the turn out!  People were to so happy and ready to celebrate and share in the festivities.  We sipped on Hot Sangria.... which was delicious, sampled some Tastefully Simple dips, bread and desserts and feasted on homemade cookies generously baked by my mom.  Thanks Mom!

In addition to my custom designed jewelry, my dear friend Angela was displaying and sampling her Mary Kay products.  The Tastefully Simple was demonstrated by another local business woman Roberta Pollak (FYI I'm closing out my party this week, so if you need to restock your Bacon Bacon or Garlic Garlic - or any other T.S. products, let me know and I'd be happy to put your order in for you).

Finally I had my good friend Stacy Petersen sent up some of her amazing crafts.  Stacy sent ornaments, bookmarks, fabric baskets, brag books... it was like Christmas for me just opening the box!  I put up a great display of all of her crafts and was able to have her here in spirit with me!  People just loved the variety and I think I can speak for all of us that we were all very pleased with the end result.

Angela and I - bff's since we were 14! ♥
The results of the open house were amazing!  It exceeded my expectations and made me even more excited to spread Christmas cheer this holiday season! (For more photos, click this link to my Facebook photo album ) And now, I'm headed back to the studio to tidy up and work on some custom orders from over the weekend!  Hope you all have a TERRIFIC week!


P.S.  If you're wondering where the photos are with all the people... ummm, yeah, I was flapping my jaw and socializing so much I forgot to get the camera out... nice, right?  Silly me...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Counting Down...

As I poured my first cup of coffee this morning and logged onto the computer and Ebay flashes "45 Days until Christmas."  I start to count on my fingers... realizing quickly how much more coffee I'm going to need today.  WOW, only 45 days until Christmas, really?!?!

I absolutely love Christmas.  Partially because I love LOVE... so I get to spread love all over by sending cards, delivering homemade cookies, picking out or creating gifts made specially for that person, and spending time with family.  I love listening to Christmas music, and setting up our nativity set which Chris' mom handmade over 20 years ago... it's absolutely stunning!  Click on the photo of the camel to see the detail.  She used Swarovski Crystals, 14K gold overlay paint and just stunning detail.  I love putting the ornaments on the tree and reminiscing about where this one came from or whom gave me that one. 

But before I get swept away in this winter wonderland of love, I must put the finishing touches on my open house.  This coming Saturday, Nov. 13th from 10:00 - 3 I have tidied up my studio, decorated for the holidays, invited a few friends over that are also in business for themselves and we're opening the doors to help people start their holiday with lots of CHEER! 

In the past, the open houses I've done have always been at a hostess' house.  This will be the first at my own studio.  I'm very much looking forward to it and seeing some people that I didn't get to see over the summer months.  While I finalize all those last minute touches, I'm as busy as Santa's elf hoping to create warm, cozy and fun environment for all who stop by.  I'll post pictures when I've got everything set up and we're all having a grand time!

Make the most of your 45 days... spread love and cheer... and of course, share a smile!

P.S.  Yup, that there pendant is a wire wrapped Juls Bead original... and yes, the bead was stunning from the minute I opened the package... So if you like it, let Juls know... she just listed a whole bunch of new pieces.... including some birds!  Tweet Tweet Y'all!  :o)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Christmas Gift Giving!

Making a list, and checking it twice... gonna find out who's naughty or nice... and I'm sure you've been very NICE all year, right?  I know you want to be on my Christmas list!  This year for the holidays our goal in gift giving is to support our communities.  The gifts we are looking for are either handcrafted or made by a small business owner.  One of the most fun places to shop that really allows you to see all sorts of artisans and creative work is on Artfire.  You'll find a whole host of gift ideas, at reasonable prices.  The best part is that you know you're helping a family, a community and keeping our country going!

I was recently featured in a collection of great gift ideas on Artfire.  The curator of the collection put together a whole host of ideas that would be perfect and there are various price points to appeal to everybody's budgets.  Have a look-see for yourself!

This post is part of the Holiday Open House Series with the Blogmania 2011 Dream Team.  If you'd like to participate for a chance to win over $2,000 in prizes.... take a look at this!


All you need to do is write a post about the holidays and how it pertains to your business, entertaining, family meals, traditions and how you celebrate.

Then, Please ENTER THE DIRECT URL to YOUR Holiday Entertaining post (post must include our giveaway button in it)  in the link up below  for YOUR chance to win the over $2,000 in prizes* - all chosen to make you the Holiday hostess with the MOSTESS!!  Click HERE to see the prize list!

*All links must link directly to a winter/holiday entertaining post. Links to main pages will be deleted. All linked posts must include our giveaway button. Any posts without our button in them will be deleted. Winner will be chosen using from all eligible (remaining) links and announced on on Nov. 11, 2010 and winner will also be contacted via comment on winning post.  Winner will then have 72 hours to submit their contact information to   in order to claim the prize package.  If not claimed, a new winner will be selected from remaining eligible links.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Get your Jingle Bells On!

It's November and the holiday season is OFFICIALLY upon us!  As many people are planning holiday gatherings, others are planning their holiday outfits!  Holiday parties at the office are often big doin's and people like to don their fancy duds and let loose.

For me, as a jewelry artisan, holidays mean sparkle, pearls, glitz and glamour!  This year's winter color seems to be PURPLE from many articles I've read and trends I've been watching online!  That's good news for purple lovers (like me) because purple comes in Swarovski crystals, dyed pearls and artistic wire for creating wire crochet pieces.  What's your holiday outfit going to look like?

As part of the Blogmania 2011 Dream Team, we're hosting an open house from Nov. 1st - Nov. 10th. If you'd like to participate, you're welcome to share your tips and ideas on Holiday entertaining!  All you need to do is write a post about holiday entertaining or how your business prepares for the holidays.  (You can enter once per day.)

Then, Please ENTER THE DIRECT URL to YOUR Holiday Entertaining post (post must include our giveaway button in it)  in the link up below  for YOUR chance to win the over $2,000 in prizes* - all chosen to make you the Holiday hostess with the MOSTESS!!  Click HERE to see the prize list!

*All links must link directly to a winter/holiday entertaining post. Links to main pages will be deleted. All linked posts must include our giveaway button. Any posts without our button in them will be deleted. Winner will be chosen using from all eligible (remaining) links and announced on on Nov. 11, 2010 and winner will also be contacted via comment on winning post.  Winner will then have 72 hours to submit their contact information to   in order to claim the prize package.  If not claimed, a new winner will be selected from remaining eligible links.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Cinderella went to the ball...

And my dear friend Stacy gets to go to the ball too!  She's actually going to the Marine Ball which is a very elegant event for anyone that is serving in the Marines or in the case of Stacy's husband a retired Marine.  When Stacy asked me to design her jewelry, she sent me a photo of her gown and specified that she wanted something in red, white and blue that was elegant and classy.

I chose to use dark blue crystals, with fire polished czech glass beads in a garnet shade and clear Swarovski crystals to add ALOT of sparkle to the set.  The set just glistens out in the sunlight... oh how I love Swarovski!

For those that don't know Stacy, she's a true sweetie.  Stacy is a master of up-cycling and breathing life into treasures that most people overlook.  She's an exceptional crafter and foodie extraordinaire!  To see her great recipes, brag books and amazing customized Charlie Bags, check out her blog:

Stacy, I'm sure you're going to look like the queen of your castle all dressed up for your prince!  I hope you have an amazing time at the ball!

Creating Crystal Jewelry with Swarovski: 65 Sparkling Designs with Crystal Beads and Stones

Monday, October 25, 2010

Purple-licious LOVE and a Book Giveaway

I just LOVE purple... really, any shade of purple... light, dark, rich or flirty... I love 'em all!  So imagine my pure delight when my good friend Kathy asked me to design a custom set for an upcoming convention she's attending.  It's an all woman convention so I unleashed my ferocious purple power and viola! (Side Note:  I also love autumn, thus the theme of my jewelry models lately... please pardon the stem) ;)

I also wanted to share with you an Awesome Giveaway!  One of my good blogger friends Lori Anderson was just published in a new book, Making Elegant Jewelry.  To celebrate the release of the book, Lori's giving away a copy on her blog over at The Hive

I would LOVE to win her book, but I'd be happy for you if you did too... honestly I would, right after I cried in my cup of coffee... but I'd get over it, someday. ;)  To enter Lori's giveaway, click here to go to her blog post.  Take a look at the gorgeous necklace she made for the book and leave her a comment!  Good luck to you (and me too, but more to you)!

Have a terrific week! {Hugs!}

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Boo-tiful beads!

Like my new jewelry model?  She's around for a very limited time as she'll disappear into thin air in just over a week... BUT for the time being, I thought she did an excellent job displaying this necklace I just finished.

I used a few orphan beads that didn't have "perfect" matches (from my good friend Juls, of course).  Added a few round crystals and put together a sweet beaded chain and "Ta Daaaaa!"  Meet Caribbean Kiss!  Doesn't it make you want to book your vacation right.this.very.minute! :)  It does me, and that would include a tropical beach where drinks are served with umbrellas right about the time it's all white across the state of WI!

More bead-a-licious photos to come soon!  Caribbean Kiss is a 19" necklace with a toggle style clasp.  She is available for sale though I haven't listed her yet in my Artfire Store.  If you're interested, send me an e-mail at

Have a Booooo-tiful day! :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nothing but Beading Here!

I'm sitting with my foot up and a whole lotta nuttin' but beading going on.  Since I attempted to use my superpowers to walk through a wall on Monday (and trust me, I must not have renewed my contract with SuperPowers R US because they cut me off) and one of my small toes on the right foot has turn oh so many unique colors in the last 48+ hours. 

BUT... if there is a bright side it's that I must sit with the foot elevated which leaves nothing but time for me to bead and create new jewelry!  So that's what I've been up to.  Well, that and lining up a few select friends that also have home businesses to participate in my "Welcome the Holiday" open house I'm having at my place on November 13th.

In lining up my friends I wanted a variety of products so nobody is in direct competition with each other AND of course since we'd be spending a whole day together I wanted fun, loving people.  So we've got my friend Angela, Mary Kay Beauty Consultant coming and a Tastefully Simple Distributor (because every party needs food, right?)  And I'll be working on the invite that will mail out next week. 

I'm having my holiday open house on a Saturday so even those people that work during the week, or are traveling a distance can stop by, do a little holiday shopping and enjoy lots of laughter with other early Christmas Shoppers!

And that means that this darn foot better heal fast because I've got a whole lotta Christmas decorating to do before the 13th!  I've got a tree to put up, stockings to hang and Christmas CDs to dust off!  I know you can't rush healing... but I'm still trying to prod it along a bit. 

Hope your day is full of unicorns & rainbows!


One Big Beautiful Bead: Simple Jewelry with Focal Beads (A Lark Jewelry Book)P.S. I just purchased this book to spur on some creative ideas that I can use some of my Juls Beads with.  Each of her beads are so beautiful, I thought this would be the perfect way to show them off in style as they should be modeled!  I'm really pleased with the projects and tutorials!  If you're looking to shake up your beading, I'd encourage you to get yourself a JulsBead, check out this book and let your inner wild child design!


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