Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Really Pantone - Tangerine Tango - REALLY

Image from Pantone Facebook Page
If you know me, you know Dawn doesn't do orange (much).  The only thing I do orange is eat them (and preferably without seeds.)  So imagine my er, uhhh, delight when I read that THE color of the year is Tangerine Tango.  It's not a subtle, stand in the corner orange... NOPE!  It's a bold, shut the front door orange!

For me as a designer, if I'm playing in Pantone's sandbox, I guess it's going to be another color challenge.  A whole year full of color challenge.  But seriously, tangerine tango?  Honestly, I usually do my own thing anyhow.  I can't help it I'm married to turquoise and purple (swoon.)  But my creative muse also dances when I pull those colors out of my bead boxes.  So in all honesty, I pay attention to the predictions, but I don't base most of my creations on that alone.

I truly love my friends that love orange.  Our differences make us more fun.  And what they design with orange always amazes me.  Mainly because I just don't think like that.  I cannot wait to see what new Pantone inspired pieces are designed by my friends and what they pair Tangerine Tango with to really create a special look.  After all, orange is truly a happy color.  And we all need a little more "Happy" in our day!

So while I finish a few special orders from Santa Claus, I'm putting my plan together for 2012.  In that plan, is to challenge myself to incorporate Tangerine Tango once in a while.  Who's going to tango with me?

Hope your day is fabulous!  I'd love to hear what your plan is for 2012!  Hard to believe it's less than 3 weeks away... zoinks!

Here's my Orange inspirations and the pieces I've created using orange!


Stacy said...

Let's just say I have learned to tolerate shades of "orange" but Tangerine Tango is a little much for me. On the other hand they could have selected neon/safety orange. So Tangerine Tango is a bit more palatable when put into that perspective. Good Luck with the orange...

TesoriTrovati said...

Let's tango! I think that it is a gorgeous color, but it is a tough one. I cracked that nut about 2 years ago in my own challenge. And my Tiny Dancer is a freak about anything orange (her puffy orange Lands End coat makes her very easy to spot on the playground!). You mentioned turquoise and purple...well, my friend, I think that just a hint of tangerine with those two would be marvelous! You don't have to use it as the main color, but as an accent it is going to liven up anything it touches. I am ready to tango with you, Miss Dawn. I will have to see if I even have anything in this color or start looking!
Enjoy the day.

Abracadebra Designs said...

Yeah, Tangerine Tango? But ya know, I kind of thought the color for 2012 would be orange. It seems to have been all over the runways in the fall and spring shows. Oh well, like you said, here's to a good challenge. I am hoping that by the end of 2012, I will have tried using it at least once and maybe even grow to somewhat be able to tolerate the color just a bit.

Beadwright said...

FINALLY!!!! my color. I love orange in any shade or value!!! In 1987 I designed a pair of earrings that were transparnet orange and deep purple. Everyone thought I was nuts....(oh I forgot I am nuts) however, they were the most sold earrings of that year. I love orange!!! Start experimenting almost every color goes with orange. Yeahhhhhh!!!!

Kristen said...

Yep you love me!

maneki said...

If using a colour to describe the opposite of descreet, Tangerine Tango would be perfect. But I have to say it grows on you. More than many other orange hues does. Still, it is a challenge for me too, working with this one.

As Erin said, I think your favourite colours would work well with tangerine tango. That's kind of how I learnt to like (still not love) blue: I worked my way towards it via colours I like, purple and green (which happen to be on either side of blue on the colour wheel). Using a little at first, choosing nuances I was more comfortable, and then adding more blue and brighter blues that I normally would skip.

Good luck with the challenge!


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