Friday, February 1, 2013

Custom Beaded Jewelry for the Southern Hemisphere

Most of the beaded jewelry we see is for the "Northern" Hemisphere (area above the waist,) however, I recently finished a custom piece for a woman needing "Southern" hemisphere jewelry.

Before you get all crazy saying "What?"  "She wanted what WHERE?"  Don't worry, this is G-Rated!

We were talking about designing a special piece of jewelry for her ankle.  She has an event coming up where she'll be presenting on stage to a room full of women.  In the past, when she is a speaker, she starts out with good intentions and has cute shoes... however about 5 minutes into the presentation the shoes lay on the side of the stage and she's barefoot. 

I can understand that completely as I feel much more rooted when I'm barefoot.  So until Jimmy Choo makes beaded adornments for barefoot lovers like myself, I set out with my client to create something really sparkly that would still accessorize her feet.

What I created was this super sparkly ankle cuff.  It wraps around the ankle in roman fashion.  it's embellished with sequins in the color scheme of her business logo!  How cool is that, bringing a little more bling to her brand.  I added a thin chain in a scalloped fashion at the bottom of the cuff for a little more frills and to create movement in the piece.  The cuff is finished with two lobster claws and chain to allow for the piece to be work at a varied length.

Love the finished look and style of this piece.  The ankle cuff is something I'd definitely wear in the summer in particular as sundresses, shorts and capris are all just asking for more bling!  Seeing as it's -25 windchill where I live in Lake Geneva, WI today... I'll gladly dream about summer, bare legs and warmer temperatures.

Hope your day is full of inspiration!

I specialize in custom orders.  To connect with me, visit my Facebook page: and send me a message.  I'm happy to discuss what you're looking for and create something one-of-a-kind that makes you smile every time you wear it!


Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Haaa I am always dreaming of summer. LOL
Anklets, ankle cuffs, or ankle jewelry has always been a main stay for me. I have some pretty wild ankle pieces. This one is awesome!!!

Saturday Sequins said...

Dawn, this is so awesome! Simply gorgeous.

Would you mind if I included a photo in the Reader Gallery on my blog?

(Also, I think I fixed the email/comment problem, but I'm not sure. I'm not very tech-savvy!)


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