Monday, July 29, 2013

Angelic Ethreal Pearl Jewelry

When we see pearls, we admire their soft finish, their beautiful luminescence and their elegant look.  Combined with Swarovski crystal, those pearls magnify their divine feeling. 

Sometimes the most elegant design speaks to the heart, on a soul level.  Earlier this summer, I took my jewelry to display at a really special event in Scottsdale, AZ.  There I met a woman that just embodies living your purpose and your passion.  She and I discussed having a necklace custom designed.  The colors that best suit her are warm, amber tones, earth tones, olive greens, terracotta and the like.

I had one necklace on my table that was made from beautiful white pearls and crystals.  It had a touch of silver, but was very elegant in contrast with such a vibrant pop of color.  The necklace sold to another client, but the original vision stuck in the mind of this amazing woman.  You see, she's living her passion and helping people to heal from the darkest of places in their lives.  She's lifting people up and helping them work through their addictions, take control of their actions and rise above their vices.

The way this pearl and crystal necklace spoke to her was like hearing angels singing.  The light, white balance of the necklace felt ethereal to her, so much like the work she's doing to help others.

I re-created a necklace very similarly with a tiny tweak to make it an original, one-of-a-kind design with the same ethereal feel.  Each piece I make is truly special, but when I have the ability to infuse love in the process that ultimately will be worn by a healer, I am the one who feels so richly blessed.

Thank you, Janet, for giving me the privilege of designing something so special for you!  I know you will wear the necklace beautifully and help so many women find their light!

Classic Pearl Earrings add the nicest touch!

P.S.  Because I'm so excited and have a hard time keeping really fun things to myself, I wanted to give you a sneak peak into the project I'm working on for Cousin as my August project.  I'm not going to give you any hints (yet, until my dogs sit on me and make me do it) but I will show you the array of beads and components I'm working with to Rock the Casbah on my very first assignment.  Are you drooling yet?
Some with stay, some will go - what will be the big reveal?
"My Dear Dawn,

There are no words to express my joy and support of you.  I admire that you are owning how significant and meaningful your jewelry is.  Your packaging, announcing the arrival of a future heirloom, reflects your ownership of your talent, positive energy and labor of love.

I will be honored to wear my angelic necklace; I pray that, our combined energies with the intent to serve and love others, will indeed reach those whose hearts are willing to receive it.

With huggs, cheers and gratitude!" ~Janet
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Shaiha said...

I just love your necklace!

And congrats on being chosen by Cousin! I did realize that you were in that group.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

I so love white on white on crystal jewelry. There is something so spiritual and cleansing about it. These are so elegant.


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