Monday, October 28, 2013

Under Sea Adventure Necklace

Because sometimes when life gets hard, we just want to run away and put our toes in the sand and let the water lap over our feet all while looking for seashells and smelling the saltwater dancing through the air.

I'm so proud to share this necklace with you.  As my assignment from Cousin Corporation this month, we were shipped a box of beads, wire and findings that are part of a brand new line with one of their clients.  We were instructed to only use the materials in the box to create something really unique that would showcase our style and personality.

After daydreaming about playing in the sand and scuba diving (which I've never done, but really want to try some day) I was enchanted with the glass bugle beads I received.  They are the most luscious, elegant shade of teal with a silver metallic lining, making each one vibrant and beautiful.  Because I love to create jewelry that really creates drama and WOW, I paired those beads with over 170 tiny crystals in this dramatic necklace.

Each bead and crystal is hand stitched one-at-a-time.  Which means as I struggled to find peace and balance this month, each moment of time I was able to sit down and work on this helped me find my zen.

I love how this necklace turned out and I'm already anxious to have it back from Cousin so I can wear it out!  :)  It's being shipped down to be professionally photographed and get the royal treatment.  I love the bling factor, the teal is "totally Dawn" and the bib-style wears so perfectly with most necklines of my shirts, sweaters and dresses! 

Where do you turn when you need to find peace and balance?  Is it a person, a special place, a song?
Hoping you see the joy in every day!


Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Wow, Dawn... it is dramatic AND beautiful!

Saturday Sequins said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Reminds me of a tropical waterfall.

I keep wanting to go on a vacation to the Bahamas or Hawaii, but since that isn't possible, I take lots of naps to restore balance, instead. I also snuggle puppies -- I met a new one yesterday, and I know we're going to have fun when I watch him next month. <3


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