Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bones & Bling - How I Made This Beaded Paw Print Cuff Bracelet

As a creative person, it's easy to get sidetracked.  **Beads!**  It's also a common occurrence to have multiple projects all going on at the same time in my studio.  So this month, our group of Cousin Ambassadors was assigned a big project for JoAnn's using supplies from their store and Cousin beads.

While deciding what to do, I took a little stroll through our local JoAnn's in Lake Geneva, WI to see what jewelry or craft inspiration came to mind.  *This is where I have to tell you, you won't get to see the finished design until JoAnn's says so because they are planning on using these creations in their marketing and advertising over the coming months... so stay tuned.

But... I have THIS funky fun cuff to share instead ~ ♥

Wandering through the fabric area, I was falling in love with all the color.  I'm always all swoony around a rainbow of color.  But that's when I had an idea about incorporating my beloved beaded designs with fabric to make something out of the box different.

So set aside the supplies for the real project and time for the ADD designer to kick in.  And because I've had several inquiries over the last few months about how I do what I do, I'm actually going to talk you through this little project step by step.  :)  Because I love you...

Bones & Bling Materials
Pellon Interfacing
Bead Backing
Seed Beads
Cousin Mirror Beads - 4mm
Cousin Crystal Bicones - 4mm
Fireline Beading Thread
Leather or Ultrasuede to back the cuff
Metal Cuff Blank - if you want a bangle style
   - or hook & eye if you want a clasp
Beading Needle
E-6000 Adhesive

1.  Measure the size bracelet you want and cut out the bead backing to reflect that.
2.  Cut the same size piece of Pellon Interfacing.
3.  Measure the fabric allowing an extra 1/2" on either side to fold over for a seamless finish.
4.  Using a hot iron and the Pellon Interfacing, adhere the fabric to the bead backing.

Now that you have the foundation to bead on, you can design how you want to bead.  For this cuff, I used the pattern in the fabric as inspiration!  But this is where your creativity is unique and special!  Let the beads take you on a journey that tells your story!

Once you are finished beading, fold over the sides and adhere to metal cuff blank using E-6000.  Cut the leather or ultrasuede to be the same size as the finished bead design.  Adhere that to the back and finish by beading around the edges.

After I beaded this cuff, I found some amazing batik fabrics that made me all drooly and happy inside.  So I have a number of different ideas rolling around in this creative space called my mind.  I hope this inspires you to try something new.  Mix materials and use new things that you haven't worked with before!  But most importantly, have fun!

Hugs & Love!


Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

ohhh this is so awesome. Thank you for sharing NBB. I love the way you put this together and how easy you make it look. Wonderful Dawn truly wonderful.

alfred said...

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