Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Turning My Beaded Art Jewelry Upside Down for a WOW Design

Jewelry Dilemma #87 - I've collected the coolest components for which I'm planning an extraordinary piece of jewelry.  I lay out the 3 main focals, get out a whole sheet tray (and then some) of beads, pearls, crystals and glass that just might fall into the design perfectly.  I start creating and everything is flowing beautifully. THEN I hit a brick wall... I need to back the pendant and figure out what the heck to do for the bail.  I'm thinking fringe off the bottom, but it's just not flowing right.  And back to that bail... what the heck was meant for this design?  Oy... creativity block kicks in big time!

Have you ever had the moment where you see a finished design in your mind's eye but the actual piece you're working on tells a different story?

So I put this piece aside... took a little trip, okay it was more than a little trip heading down to Florida to spend a week at the beach.  Just letting my soul feel the energy and love from the ocean and hoping to recharge my creative brain.  Letting the sun warm my skin as I claimed MY chaise lounge, ordered up some fruity drinks and watched the scenery go by... use your imagination! ;)

I came home determined to finish this f*@$&%g piece come hell or high water!  So I sat at my table, moved some beads around... the pendant stared back, giving me zero ideas.  Dawn, stand up & walk away.  So I did... for 3 days, then all of a sudden on a Sunday morning inspiration struck!  Holla!!!

Turn that piece upside down!  

It's not the first time I've done a 180 on a design and it always turns out better!  I have to agree with this piece.  It knew what it wanted... my brain was just a little too foggy to "get it!"  So the beach cleared things up and allowed my heart to listen to my art. 

The focals pair so well together in this piece!  I have to give props to my soul sister, Julianna Cannon - Julsbeads, for the amazing lampwork focal.  The druzy and arrowhead came from Cousin Corporation.  So did those super funky space rocks, mirror beads and nut & bolt toggle for the necklace!  The Cosmic collection of space age awesomeness is my favorite, favorite, favorite collection from Cousin!

As we're moving into summer, I have an amazing few pieces I'm starting of commissioned work.  One is another Tree of Life necklace similar to the design I created for myself.  I'm so excited to be working on that piece in particular because it continues to remind me and inspire me to stay true to who I really am.  Be rooted in my divine essence! 

Stay inspired and spread love my friends!

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Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

This is truly a stunning piece of art. Hope all is well with you and your family


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