Monday, May 4, 2015

Dawn Doucette Published in Beadwork Magazine

I'm super excited to finally be able to share this with you guys!  I created a piece last spring... literally one year ago this month, submitted it to Beadwork to see if they wanted to publish it.  And they did... but it was slated for the June/July 2015 issue... holy cats Batman, how am I supposed to not say anything to anybody for a whole entire year?  Because yeah... that took patience, then lots of distraction... then I sort of kind of lost track of time until BAM!  Beadwork is emailing me to mail me back my necklace because the issue has hit newsstands!

I love, love, love this necklace!!! I'm totally a sucker for a beaded spiral rope... add crystals and it makes me all weak in the knees and starry eyed.  In this rope I wanted to give it a fun texture!  As an ambassador for Cousin Corporation I also wanted to showcase some of their beads.  The rope itself is made with 4mm bicones in the aqua/gold mirror beads as well as their Crystazzi brand crystals in Crystal A/B and Indicolite!

But to have just a spiral rope alone wasn't enough!  I loved this turquoise and orange peacock charm from Cousin too, so I had to dress it up in true Dawn fashion.  Add a beaded carnelian component, some great Swarovski crystal copper bicones and BAM!!!  Now that's a flirty, fun, sparkly necklace! 

Look I'm on the cover, no really it's just sitting on the cover!

All of the crystals and the peacock charms can be purchased through Cousin Corporation's consumer website: 

If you aren't a Beadwork subscriber, you can pick up your copy at any number of retail locations or subscribe to their digital mag at

It's so great to have this piece back in my hands.  It's one of those pieces that seemed to take a LONG time to make... because I was literally going around and around in circles... one inch at a time.  Stay tuned for another project I'm working on with Swarovski Flatback crystals now offered through Cousin Corp.  It's a little DIY to bling up my new apartment... Can't wait to share!

Peace, love and sparkles!


Shelly Owen said...

Way to go! So proud of you!

The Quiet Lion said...

Awesome! :) :)

Shaiha said...

Wow! Congrats Dawn. You really found your 'voice' with the seed bead work.


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