Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My First Dance with Wire Crochet

What a fun little project I've been working on today. I saw a necklace on Etsy about a week ago that just really caught my eye. It was a combination of fine wire, beads and gorgeous color.

The seller said it was crocheted... I was fascinated. So I started on a mission to learn more about wire crochet. I've talked with other bloggers to find out of they taught themselves or which resources they used to learn.

As a kid, my grandmother taught me how to crochet dish rags. I can't tell you how many beautiful cotton yarn dish rags I made for my mom. While my life got busy and I gave up crocheting. Now 25 years later, I'm so excited now to be finding the hobby again. I'm still busy, but it's a different busy than when I was in school. My grandma will be so excited to see my wire crochet jewelry next time we get together and I feel so lucky to be able to share it with her.

I started with crochet thread and tried hooks of various sizes to see what it did to the pattern. I'm still fascinated. This is the first real piece of jewelry I've crocheted with wire and beads. It's a wide cuff bracelet and I'm tickled... I have a long way to go, don't get me wrong. But it turned out really, really cool.

So we'll see what other creations I can put together.

Here's one of the books that was recommended to me:


Azure Islands Designs said...

What a pretty bracelet Dawn...isn't crocheting silver great fun, your bracelet looks very well done, nice and even stitches.
I've only made one bracelet but I enjoyed the process. Like you I crochet years ago. A friend gave me a book with the pattern for a bracelet in it and I gave it a try but I ended up just doing what you did finding my own pattern...worked well!

You are really doing well with your must feel good about them, it is a nice sense of accomplishment when it finally works!!!

Dawn Doucette said...

Thanks Heather, like you've said many times, great pictures take practice. I took these really quick so I could get something out there to show my mom. I've been blabbing her ear off about this "cool new jewelery" I'm working on so I really wanted to show her how it looked. LOL

I really enjoy crocheting with wire. I've got so many new ideas running through my mind at this point. So I think I just need more coffee and I'll be all set!

Thanks again for your help and comments. I appreciate them all. Isn't the web great? We get to make friends all over the world!

Have a fantastic day!


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