Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Eye for Color Comes in Handy

Welcome Home Greg Doucette!
So when my dear, little brother (who towers over me at 6' tall) sends me an e-mail with color swatches of Tweety Bird Yellow, Blaze Orange and Electric Blue saying these are the colors he thinks would look best in his new house the color wheel in my head started spinning, then smoke started coming out my ears and then I volunteered to help paint.

Yes, that's the events of last week that led to a very busy weekend and a few achy muscles - but those weren't too bad and the result is so worth it.

The Original Color was a peach with wayyyy too much pink for Greg.
On Friday, my brother purchased his first home.  It's a well-built solid ranch with 3 bedrooms, a full, finished basement, a 2 car garage all on a nice mature lot in the small town of Brooklyn, WI.  The home was a fore-closure, so he got it for the right price knowing he'd need to put in a bit of elbow grease before he moved in and plopped down in front of the playstation.  The good news is the majority of the work is all cosmetic.

The home was dirty, so Greg's home inspectors said "Just use a little Dawn, it'll clean this place right up for you."  To which Greg responded, "Great, I'll call her right now."  (Yep, no sense of humor here... no sireee!)

After seeing his thoughts on paint colors, then talking with him about how he wanted his rooms to feel when he comes in from work, or sits down to enjoy a weekend the "Wants" were very different than the colors he thought he wanted.  He wanted a warm, cozy feel that allowed him to relax.  But he really likes orange (Note: Blaze Orange was NOT painted in the kitchen)

What Greg didn't realize that I was able to help share with him is that you can get "orange" in a whole host of colors that can still give you the warm, cozy feel you are looking for.

So thus far, we got the kitchen painted (2 coats) from top to bottom - ceilings are the worst part of painting.  We've got the paint for the living room and are playing with options for the color of the master bedroom.  While I painted, mom cleaned and my dad with the brother-in-laws helped Greg install 2 new toilets and tear up stinky, icky carpet from the basement.

It's awesome to see the progress and even more awesome to share in one of the biggest moments of Greg's life!  He's come such a long way in 8 years and I'm a beaming big sister right now!
Love how Mulling Spice brings out the warm coloring in the floors and trim!


Kristen said...

What a great Sis you are! Yes I totally love the colors!!!!! Exactly what I saw when we were talking!

Beadwright said...

I rented a house a long time ago in CO. It was OMG ORANGE!!!! With 12 foot ceilings so the ORANGE went on forever, I LOVED IT!!!!
Now I would go with the Mulling Spice.

Saturday Sequins said...

Looks like you saved his house from looking like the inside of the Great Pumpkin. Nice work! :)

This reminds me of a trick I played on poor Mr. Sequin last year. I was picking out paint for my bathroom, and I hid the nice green-blue paint sample I'd picked out and handed him a tennis ball yellow swatch with a big grin. And he believed that I was serious!

Azure Accessories said...

lol...that is just like a man! Thankfully he has you to help out...love the finished colors Dawn...



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