Thursday, September 27, 2012

An Amazing Totally Awesome Reveal

Brace yourself for something really... really awesome!  

Saturday we're having the reveal for the Sequintastic September challenge hosted by Sarah over at Saturday Sequins.  If you haven't checked out Saturday Sequins blog before... head over and take a look at her work.  I'll wait, then come back because there's something else wonderful I have to share...

Waiting...  tick, tock, tick, tock...

Glad you made it back!  I was worried you got gobbled up by cyber grizzly panthers.  Those little buggers can be sneaky! ;)

It's rare that I create a piece of beaded jewelry from a tutorial.  It's rare I use a tutorial at all.  I actually look at the books & magazines, love the designers and admire their talent... then go on my merry way doing what I do... ME!

So imagine the bruise on my chin as my jaw dropped when I, myself purchased a tutorial from Heather Collin with the intent to actually make the bracelet!  I know, I was shocked too!!!

I saw Heather's Crossing Over bracelet a while ago.  I loved the curvy layering and Celtic feel to the embellishment and really, really wanted this bracelet.  So I scooped up her tutorial and this weekend made the bracelet.

Now if you saw the necklace I made as a custom order in turquoise and coral last week, you'll know I've been deeply inspired by those colors ever since.  I don't duplicate designs as each piece of jewelry I make is one of a kind.  So when I saw Heather Collin's Crossing Over, I saw the beads still sitting on my tray from that gorgeous necklace and BAM!  It hit me like the first sip of coffee in the morning!

Then I heard the angels sing... and now I have my very own turquoise & coral work of art.

If you like the bracelet and want to pick up your own tutorial (and you should) head over to Heather's Etsy store.  She's got TONS of beautiful tutorials listed in there.   This one is Crossing Over, but I won't limit you to crushing on just one!

**This post is not a paid advertisement.  In fact, Heather has no idea I'm writing this and has probably never even heard of me (until I purchased her tutorial.)  But I have to say, her design inspired me so and the bracelet is sooooo comfy to wear.  It's not meant as your very first beading project if you've never done any beading before, but with some stitch know-how (and patience because lordy, lordy... herringbone with 11s and 15s takes for-EV-er) you too can have a wearable work of art!

Now, don't forget to come to our Sequintastic party on Saturday!  We'll be sporting some bling and showcasing just how sequins can be included in jewelry designs!


P.S. If you'd like a piece of custom made jewelry designed for yourself or to give as a gift, contact me via my website: or on my Designs by Dawn Marie Facebook page:  I'm happy to work with you to make something really special that can be worn countless times and passed down as your legacy to your children or grandchildren!


Kristen said...

Yum Yum and Yum!!!!

Beadwright said...

Hi Dawn, you did a wonderful job with Heather's tutorial. I am so looking forward to Sarah's blog hop too.
have a great day

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Dawn,
The cuff is gorgeous! At the moment I don't have any of Heather's patterns, but I do have several marked as favorites.
I am so looking forward to Saturday to see what you and everyone else has created for Sarah's challenge. I am just putting the last finishing touches on mine.

Saturday Sequins said...

What an amazing, gorgeous bracelet! Nice job, Dawn!

Thanks so much for mentioning my blog hop! You've made me a very happy girl today. *Hugs.*

TLN said...

Wow!!!! Love it.


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