Wednesday, March 13, 2013

When Did We Fall Off the Face of the Earth and Become NoReply When Commenting on Blogger

Has anybody else noticed lately that when people comment on your blog their email address is  

I've commented on blogs over the last few weeks and people normally reply.  But I hadn't gotten any responses, so I thought, hmmmm, that's wierd.  I know everybody didn't suddenly jump off USS Dawn and choose to ignore me.

I also noticed when people commented on my blog, I tried to reply to them and their email address shows up as noreply-comment@blogger.  For those of you that have commented on the last 3 or 4 posts, if you haven't heard back from me this is why.

It would appear that somehow Google (who owns Blogger) has changed something in their algorithm that we are now all set to this funky no reply email address.  I fiddled with my profile for hours yesterday trying to get my email address to register with my comments on people's blogs.  I went back to my blogger profile from using google+, I checked the "Show my email box." NOTHING WORKED.  I even check *gasp* Google help... yeah, it didn't work either.  Help had nothing to offer for help, imagine that. LOL

So if anybody has the magic wand, I'd like a sprinkle of that fairy dust.  I really want to reply to all of you that so lovingly leave comments on my blog.  Even if the world jumped off the USS Dawn and nobody wants to reply to me...

In the mean time, if you're having the same technical challenge as I am, please leave your email address in your comments, I'll gladly respond.  (make sure you use AT and DOT instead of their respective symbols so the bots don't find you)

Thanks so much for helping a normally technically saavy internet user get the kinks out!

Love ya!
designsbydawnmd AT
Gmail DOT com
That's where you can find me! ;)


Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

I read about this last week on Janet's blog, Honey from the Bee. She referred to this post at Robin's blog:

It is step-by-step with screen shots. I haven't needed to use it myself, but looks pretty straight-forward. Let me know if it does the trick. Good luck!

Sara Oehler said...

AHA! I will have to look into this.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

You are not crazy Dawn~~~~well not because of blogger. LOL half of my comments are no reply half I can reply to. What is that? OMG you actually went to google (non) help now I know you are crazy. Hee hee hee but I love you that way.
Sorry I can't help you.

Davinia said...

I'm having a similar problem and for the last few weeks haven't been getting email notifications when someone leaves a comment on my blogs. Very annoying because I like to reply to people who take the time to comment.

CraftyHope said...

Hmmm, weird. I had no idea this issue was going on. I'd like to know if my profile is coming up as a no-reply one but have no way of knowing it unless someone else lets me know. So please let me know. . .I'm CraftyHope AT gmail DOT com
Thanks for the heads up and best of luck in finding a solution!


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