Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Inspired Jewelry Designs

Yes, we still have snow on the ground where I live in Lake Geneva, WI.  BUT I'm going to use the Power of Positive Thinking that Spring is on the way soon... she just had to stop and pick up a new handbag and killer heels.  :) And until she arrives fashionably late I'm going to stay inspired by pieces I've created that remind me of spring. 
Butterfly Kisses - Available for purchase
Fern Gully - Available for Purchase
Princess for a Day - Custom Order with JulsBead Focal

The funny thing where I live, the old saying goes something like this: "If you don't like the weather in Wisconsin, wait 5 minutes and it'll change."  Interestingly enough... it still feels like Winter.  However, this weekend we're supposed to be in the upper 40's (and maybe hit 50 - gasp!) for Easter Sunday.  So at least all the little adorable girls in the precious little white Easter dresses won't be too chilly.  They will have to worry about muddy shoes though!
GRAND Prize Winner - Romance in Bloom
Flowers for the Queen

I'm finishing an amazing cuff that I can't wait to share with you... picture this, chunky turquoise and amethyst with a druzy focal.  It really will be the bomb diggity when it's done... so off to the studio I go!
Walk in the Woods

Hope you have a fantastic day!

P.S.  I'm still sporadically having that thing with the "no-reply" email address when I'm commenting on other people's blogs.  It just did it again yesterday when I commented on my superstar glass girl JulsBeads!  So if you aren't sure if yours is also working right, I'd be happy to email you and let you know... just include your email address spelling out AT and DOT so the quirky online gremlin robots don't spam you.  :)


TesoriTrovati said...

Winter and I are not friends. I like her from afar, I think she sparkles in a very diamond like way sometimes but others she is just drab and lifeless. I want Miss Spring to appear and get my out of my funk! She has such a sense of surprise and flash, don't you think? Like one day the trees are all brown and branchy and the next day they are bedecked with tiny green buds! I love all your designs. I just shared a fresh spring look on Earrings Everyday today. I need color and can't wait to see your new design! Enjoy the day. Erin

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Do you want spring to get here? LOL
I spotted Juls bead right away. All of the pieces are beautiful but I see you put your lavender piece up first. :)

Dawn Doucette said...

Yes, winter from afar is much better. Like July-afar. :) Hopefully spring gets here soon.

Dawn Doucette said...

Just a tad little bit. Actually if I had my way, it would be Summer tomorrow. But I won't be greedy. I'll be grateful for any sunshine we get. :) Hugs!


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