Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Everlasting Blue Danube - Featuring Pantone 2013 Spring Colors

Designed to showcase a few of this year's Pantone colors, I set out to design this legacy necklace around a special lampwork glass focal bead.

There's a story behind that bead...

A long, long time ago in the land of Delavan, I was mailed this focal bead.  It came from Princess Julianna Cannon (owner of JulsBeads).  Her instructions were, "This is an UAB (ugly ass bead) but rather than pitching it, I thought you might be able to do something to make it less ugly."

I saw the beauty in this glass focal immediately, and waited for the right opportunity to showcase it in all it's glory.

Everlasting Blue Danube by Dawn Doucette
Into the picture enters a design contest to showcase Pantone's 2013 colors and as luck would have it, this UAB fit 3 of this years colors!

I embellished the natural beauty of this focal by bringing in some gorgeous crystal rondelles and some round glass druks.  My favorite part of this piece (aside from the flower focal) is the fringe.  I wanted to create a fringe that resembled roots, so I used the vibrant spring green to create a funky, root-like fringe.

My piece was selected as a finalist in the Beadaholique design contest.  If you like my design, I'd really appreciate your vote.  Voting is open to the public through April 17th.  Click this link and "Like" the photo of my Everlasting Blue Danube in Facebook. 

The beauty within this flower formed of glass will carry out it's legacy forever.  It will always beautiful and it will always sparkle.  There's beauty all around us, it's up to each one of us to appreciate the small things and see that beauty. 



Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Yes I will definitely vote for your UAB necklace. I actually love UABs. Some of them are the most interesting and fun to create with.

Perlenzauberin said...

WOW! Wonderful!

Saturday Sequins said...

Adorable! I love what you did with the UAB (hilarious name!), and it's awesome that you put a video together. :)


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