Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dawn Doucette discusses Bella Amore Legacy Jewelry in recent interview

Bella = Beautiful             Amore = Love

Have you ever spent time with yourself really searching for what's your passion?  What REALLY means something to you that you just want to dance down the street singing about?  What are you going to leave as your mark on the world?  What's your legacy?

I know that while I'm here on this earth I express my gratitude for my health, happiness and love every day.  In fact, it's part of my mission to spread love and happiness to as many people as I can touch.

Creating really special beaded jewelry is part of the way I spread happiness and love.  When I'm creating something custom for a client, the love pours forth in so many facets.  From our initial discussion through the creation process, I am pouring love into each and every piece.  Once that beautiful package is wrapped and shipped out, I anxiously await to hear the joy my client feels opening her present! :)

Joy, love, happiness... peace - Bella Amore is all that and more!

Recently I was interviewed on a radio show about my passion for the jewelry I create.  The hostess, Suzy Manning talks with guests focusing on how to help women in their midlife connect with what their true passion and purpose is.  I truly believe everyone is beautiful and everyone has something special to give.  Finding what your special gift is and sharing it with the world, that's where your legacy starts!

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If above audio player doesn't work, click here to be taken to the archived interview.

Bella Amore is a brand created from the depths of my soul.  Seeing the beauty around me, spreading love and letting women know how special they are!  The pieces I create are unique, artistic, quality and a reflection of the woman within.  If you'd like something custom designed to showcase your personality, or to honor 3 generations of family, a sister connection or a special mother/daughter bond, connect with me.  I'd love to send some beautiful love your way! ♥


Here's a P.S. Because family is so important to me, I have to share a few pictures from a family weekend we had at my brother's house!  We had an amazing bonfire, cookout and overnight!  It was really special for all 4 of the kids along with Mom & Dad to be together under one roof.  We roasted smores, ate burgers, laughed a lot and we were able to help get a lot of yard work done around my brother's house! 
With my "Little" brother - who'll always be wayyyy taller than his big sis!

My Family (L to Right) - Mom, Amy, Brenda, Greg, Me, Dad

More Family ( L to R) - Don, Amy, Greg, Dad, Mom, Bren, Ashlynn & Liam

I think this a combination of Cheese S'more!
Grandpa and a sleepy camper!

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