Thursday, June 27, 2013

Meeting Tony Romo - Jewelry for his Wife AND Making My Brother's Dream Come True.

Can I tell you how special my brother Greg is?  And can I tell you I'd do anything to make him laugh, see him smile and make his dreams come true?

I had the experience of a lifetime this week as I was able to arrange for my brother Greg to meet one of his football idols in person.  Greg has been a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan (not sure how as he was born & raised in Wisconsin, but then I'm a Bear fan so I'll leave that alone).  Greg and my Dad even had a road trip a few years ago to drive all the way to Canton, OH to the Football Hall of Fame to witness the induction of Deion Sanders into the Hall of Fame and get his autograph... that's how big of a fan Greg is.

JOKE of the day... so a Bears Fan, a Cowboys Fan, a Packer Fan and a 49ers fan get into a car... yep, that was Myself, Greg, my sister Brenda and my mom... we're still laughing at ourselves.

Anyhow the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo grew up in Burlington, WI just down the road from where we grew up.  Once a summer, he returns to his hometown to host a football camp for young football players locally.  When I heard he was coming to town, I put my fingers to work and was able to contact someone who put me in touch with one of Tony's really close personal friends. 

As a team, we were able to arrange a meeting so Greg could meet Tony in person and get his autograph.  We were also able to sit in on a live press conference, that was really cool.  I gained a lot of respect for Tony via the message he shared at his press conference.  He spoke of making the most of your opportunities when they present themselves.  He spoke of having a dream and following it.  He also talked about how important it is to give back - in his case to the community, to charities and to the fans that are behind him through great games and "not so great" games.  His sincerity was touching and the way he connected with Greg and I felt like he was an old friend, someone we could go grab a burger and a beer with.

What was more amazing though, Greg didn't know we were actually going to meet him.  Greg knew he was in town for the camp and thought we were going to head over there with hopes we could catch a glimpse of him.  I envision him saying "Dawn, there he is... can you run and get his autograph" then having me take off in my flip flops running down the football field in pouring rain trying to catch up to the 6'2" superstar quarterback.  Now THAT would have been something to catch on video for YouTube.  LOL

So even with the thought that we might see him, Greg is always looking out for his big sister.  His thought was, well if we do actually get to see him, you should make a piece of jewelry for him to give his wife.  I'm sure she'd love your jewelry.  Okay, BRILLIANT THOUGHT dear brother... and why it never crossed my mind I'm still puzzled over.  So I did a little research on Tony Romo's wife to get a feel for her personal style, tastes and created something that I think she'll be pleased to wear.  She'll be able to root for the Dallas Cowboys without sporting that ginormous star logo.  The custom designed necklace I made would allow her to be classy and elegant, allowing her support for the team an her natural beauty shine. 

It was an amazing day and a great memory that we will all cherish forever!  And if Tony Romo and his wife want to come to our family BBQ anytime, we'd like to extend an open invitation.  Thank you for taking a sincere interest in making Greg's dream come true!

If you're looking for classy Dallas Cowboys jewelry or custom designed jewelry to support your favorite team, I'm happy to design something for you!  Making something exclusive and one-of-a-kind is my specialty and I'd be honored to help you support your favorite team and have a unique piece of jewelry you can pass down as your legacy!
Legacy Jewelry for Generations


TesoriTrovati said...

Such an awesome experience! I love the message that he shared and I am sure that his wife was touched that you put such thought into this pretty necklace! Thank you for sharing your experiences and I am rooting most of all for your brother Greg! I won't hold it against either of you that you aren't Packers fans. ;-P Enjoy the day. Erin

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

OK so now I am sitting her crying my eyes out. I was just telling Mike that my brother Vince has been gone three years come July 4. To see Greg so happy and full of life makes my heart full of love for him and of course you. Greg is so lucky to have you. I was lucky too, to spend the last 4 months with my baby brother.
Hugs dear friend.

Amy S. said...

WOW!!! What a great/special experience you created for your brother!! He must have been thrilled. It's always great to hear how down to earth a celebrity behaves too!!


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