Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Skip straight to Halloween - Do not pass Go - Do not collect $200

I'm one that likes to relish in the summer months.... sunny days at the beach, ice cream cones (now that I found a gluten free cone,) kids playing in the park, long days, lightening bugs... so imagine my dismay when I received my package as a Cousin Corporation Ambassador this month to see... HALLOWEEN beads & charms!  YIKES!  That's way, way, way to fast-forwardy for this sun goddess.

But I had to complete the mission, so I put on my best thinking cap (and I'll admit, that cap seemed full of hot air and not so many brilliant ideas) and I stared at all these really cool but Halloween (translation FALL, specifically October... END of October as in getting to the point where Dawn becomes a goose and flies South for Winter because it's too darn cold for this girl.)  So I had a mental block about even thinking about life after summer.

But when the inspiration struck, two projects came to mind.  First we were encouraged to making something other than jewelry... so something crafty.  Since I like to eat... napkin rings came to mind!  I used some of the new 16 gauge wire from Cousin Corporation and two sets of the charm from the 'Tis the Season collection which AC Moore stores will be carrying and voila!  Skip the eye of newt and your dinner party will be fabulous with these fun napkin rings!

And as part of my homework, I had to write instructions as to how to make these... I'm so not the verbose instruction writer.  I just make things... inspiration comes from the heart and I just create.  SO actually writing step by step how to do something... let's just say I might need therapy for that! ;) 

So if you'd like the instructions, send me a message via my Facebook Page - Bella Amore Legacy Jewelry Include your email address and I'll send them right over to you.

And heck, even if you don't want the instructions, you can still pop over, spare a friend a "Like" and say hello! I'll be sharing the jewelry portion of my project soon!  Stay tuned...

Have a boo-tiful day loves!

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Shaiha said...

But you said when the inspiration struck, two things came to mind. Are you going to tease us not share the second?

I love the napkin rings. I am so a heat seeking creature but Halloween has to be my favorite holiday.


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