Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Baby Christian Needs our Help

Hey friends, 
I don't normally blog about some of the most sensitive subjects in our world.  But this one is really important.  So if you'd please, read the whole post, I'd really, really, REALLY appreciate it.  

Last week my dear friend Juls posted on her blog that her nephew was born pre-mature - not just a little, but by 4 months.  I've not had children, but I know that those last 4 months of development are so very critical to the baby.  So prayers, support, and lots and lots of healing energies were immediately and are still being sent up for Baby Christian.

Juls did an update post about Christian over the weekend.  That wee little guy, he's such a fighter.  Here's what Juls shared on her blog:

"Christian is in NICU at UAB.  He is on blood pressure medication, an oxygen ventilator, in an incubator obviously, has to be given blood and a myriad of other things I can't remember right now, weighs 1lb 3 oz and is 11" long.  He is so tiny that he wrapped his entire hand around my brother's fingertip.  His vitals are good, he is properly developed for the stage of pregnancy he was born during, and his oxygen intake is slowly but steadily improving.  The overall prognosis is that his chances are good.

Please continue to pray for our Christian.   He is so loved."

Because Juls' heart is bigger than the rest of her entire body combined she just posted today about a sale she's having in her Etsy shophttp://www.etsy.com/shop/Julsbeads  All sales will go toward Christian's treatment and the expenses incurred by her bother and his wife.  They've have not yet gotten into the Ronald McDonald house, so every night that they stay in Birmingham, is out of pocket expenses.  And who could leave their first baby... so tiny, and such a fighter?  If I were in their shoes, I'd be there 24/7 too.  
So right now, if you make a purchase from Juls Etsy store, use the coupon code CHRISTIAN at the check out for 25% off your order and all the funds raised will go to support baby Christian and his family.  

If you've read this far, from the bottom of my heart I thank you.  Juls is like family to me and I only wish I was there to help her stay strong.  If you want to spread the word, grab the button on the right!  (If you're reading this on The Hive, visit my blogger blog:  http://designsbydawnmarie.blogspot.com) It'll link to Juls post about the special sale for Christian.  She's going to be the best Auntie this little guy could ever ask for.  

Hope your day is filled with blessings and love!

P.S.  If you want to help, spread the word to help baby Christian.  Share or re-tweet this blog post to spread the word far & wide.  Thanks in advance... I know you rock!

UPDATE on Christian
It is with very heavy heart that I have to share this news.  Christian passed away on Friday, Aug. 12th, his Daddy's birthday.  He was a gift to his family for just a mere week, but he'll be treasured forever.  Prayers and love go out to Juls and her entire family though this difficult time.  Juls, we're so very sorry for your loss.  If I could hug you in person, I've give you 8,452,129 of them!  

Thanks so much to everybody that shared Christian's message, and that offered words of support and love to Juls and her family.  You are all a treasure and a blessing to be friends with! 


Julianna Cannon said...

You're amazing. I don't even have words, Dawn.

Finding Charm said...

I'm so glad they've got a fighter. And technology is around to help him out. Thanks for keeping us updated Juls and Dawn.

Lisa said...

I came to visit you blog from a comment you made on Erin's blog during her Birthday week celebration and kept reading when I found this. I will keep this family in my prayers. My first-born was not born prematurely but was born with a birth defect that required surgery when he was 24 hrs old and a stay in the NICU and step-down ICU for a while after birth. He is 20 now and left today to begin his junior yr of college. Praise God! My sister's son was born prematurely and we know all too well how wonderful it is to have a 'little fighter'! Also, to have wonderful doctors and a hospital that cares in every way.

Didn't mean to write you a book, but we will pray. It is a wonderful feeling knowing people care enough to do that even when they cannot do anything else.

Also, going to be a new follower of your blog. Will be seeing you in the reading list! :)


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