Monday, August 15, 2011

There's no Title BIG Enough for Something THIS Spectacular!

Honestly, what I about to tell you is amazing... simply incredible... and most of all, an example for all to see.

In just a few days, my parents will be celebrating their 34th wedding anniversary.  It's amazing to think back on all my years of life and reminisce about the adventures we've had (some good, some We've had big scares and we've seen HUGE triumphs. 

As I've heard so many times, every challenge presents opportunity!  And isn't that the truth?
34 Years, 3 Generations and So Much Love!

Looking at 34 years, in the day and age that is full of interruptions, distractions and "noise" it's amazing that all 4 of us children ended up pretty darn good adults.  Instilled in us from the moment we could comprehend, my parents taught us the value of respect and honesty.  They also taught each of us how to work hard and make a way for ourselves.  I think one of the most important lessons they taught each of us is about personal responsibility... if we did the crime (even staying out past curfew) we did the time (for me it was always taking away my talking on the phone time.) 

As adults these lesson are so, so, SO valuable in our interpersonal relationships.  In many instances I've been so very glad I took the high road as my parents taught us to do.

So in honor of 34 years of marriage for my Mom & Dad (and because I LOVE YOU) I'm having a HUGE sale in my Artfire Store.  For ANYTHING listed in my Artfire Store (, I will give you 34% off your entire order if you use the coupon code BLISS.  The sale will run through the end of the month (Aug. 31st).  The sale is only on my currently listed inventory, not custom made orders.

Thanks for joining me in congratulating Mom & Dad's Anniversary.  If you were or are ever in the neighborhood, they would be YOUR parents too!  Our home was a safe haven to all who needed it growing up.  There was always a warm apple crisp (or something equally sinful coming out of the oven) and plenty of cold milk in the fridge.  Thanks Mom and Dad for bringing us up as you did.  I think we are so VERY lucky to have the family we have!

Hope your week is great!  Stop by Artfire, and let me know what you want.  I will place items on reserve for 72 hours if you need it. And as my mom always said, "Be home before the streetlights are on!"


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