Monday, August 1, 2011

Two of my loves Glass Beads and the color Purple

Two of my loves are also coffee and donuts, but you didn't come here to find that out, did you now?  

What you really came here to read about were either A. Glass Beads or B. The Color Purple... either way, grab a napkin because you're gonna drool!  PROMISE!

Earlier this summer I was doing a wee bit of shopping and stumbled across the most awesome maxi-dress.  It was this fabulous purple and green bohemian style flowy sundress.  Honestly, it jumped right off the rack and said, "Take me Dawn, I'm yours."  And how could I not.  It looked like me even without me in it!  So home with me it came... along with the idea that I MUST have a necklace to go with it.  That was May...

Then was that infamous trip for coffee where something else said "Bring me home Dawn, I'm yours."  And so I did... and thus the necklace for this most perfect dress has been a work in progress during stolen moments of beading time for nearly 3 months.

I poured so many things I love into this necklace... obviously purple... with a dash of green.  Beyond that, I like rounded shapes... I've always had an eye for angular rather than perpendicular or parallel.  (Yes, in my dream bedroom, the bed will be at an angle, with the headboard in the corner.)  I love big bling, so the crystals add a pop or shparkle... yep, I spelled it shparkle because I can!  And I adore lampwork glass beads.  In this necklace I used some custom made lampwork beads from Julsbeads.  I mixed it all up with a host of seed beads and stones (agate, and some jasper thingy or other, and some shparkley purple glittery stones I had in a stash from who knows where) and voila!

And since I mentioned DONUTS... if you pop over to Juls Blog, she's got donuts over there... sorta.  It's a big 'ole Blog-o-versary and she's doing  Then you can get your OWN donuts and pretty coily beads.  So just wiggle that little tushy of yours over there and enter... hurry because one the blog-o-versary donuts are gone, the party is O-V-E-R over! 

**Disclaimer: This blog post is 100% calorie free eye candy.  Designs by Dawn Marie will not be held responsible for licking of computer monitors, uncontrolled drooling, or twitching mouse finger.  If you experience any of these symptoms, please seek help immediately.

Thanks for playing! :o)


Julianna Cannon said...

That dress is almost as gorgeous as that necklace, and that necklace is almost as gorgeous as the girl wearing. LOVE the whole shebang, sistafriend! Simply stunning.

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Awwww shucks.... you make me blush! Juls thanks so much for popping over! I love all your beads, but the coilies... mmm,mmm,mmm MINE!!! LOL I love them!

You have a gift girlfriend.... I'm glad you like what I made with your beads!

Regina said...

Wow, the necklace, the dress and you... awesome! Everything is so breathtakingly beautiful...

Shirley said...

So the funny thing was, as soon as I saw the pic, BEFORE I read your post, I was sitting there drooling over the gorgeousness, thinking, I gotta find out if she got the dress first, or made the necklace first!! This is the best thing about making your own stuff, you get to customize to your closet!! That is such a stunning piece, and it totally sets off the dress. I'm having a love affair right now with purple and orange together. yumm!!!

TesoriTrovati said...

You are smoking hot in that dress, Miss Dawn! I love what you made. Reminds me that I have but 3 days left to make something for my 25th class reunion this weekend. Yikes! I have a stunner of a dress and some kick ass shoes and just need some custom bling to pull it all together! Enjoy the day!

Meg Carter said...

Awesome all around girl!
Meg :)

Azure Islands Designs said...

WOW, WOW, WOW...what more can I say!

Great dress, simply gorgeous certainly outdid yourself on that one!

Enjoy wearing both.

Kristen said...

Gorgeous work and Oh my Darling you are STUNNING!!!!!!

Shaiha said...

Love the whole package! Including the dog :)


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