Friday, September 23, 2011

Designs By Dawn Marie In Front of the Camera - Uncensored

By the time you read this... I'll be up over my eyeballs in rummage sale craziness.  Seriously, I know how hard rummage sales are to prep, price, organize and hold... and this is why I've never done one... nor has Chris and thus we have oodles and oodles of stuff to sell in our plan to downsize at some point. 

Anyhow, while I'm peddling my widgets (and freezing my tookus off because its' only supposed to be in the 50's on Friday, 60's Saturday) I wanted to share some exciting Designs by Dawn Marie news.  I have been asked to be a guest on the Celebrity Creators, an online television show with an international audience.

At first, I was a big 'ole baby... and wahhhh, wahhhh, not a camera... love waaaahhhhhh cried like a little chicken.  You see, I don't like talking infront of people - live.  I'm great on the phone or webinars I can be a rockstar... but - ZOINKS! 

Then finally some sense got smacked into my head and I agreed (or they caught me at a weak moment before I finished my 6 cups of coffee) either way, I reserve the right to put a bag over my head and cut out eye holes. :o)  So if you're online on Tuesday, 9/27 at about 9:00 pm Easter (8:00 central, 6:00 pacific) I'd love to have you join me!

My discussion is going to be about turning your passion and purpose into a viable business!  We'll talk getting started in business, marketing your business and growing your business!  I'm really, really excited to share my passion with such a grand audience. 

For more information, Celebrity Creators has created a Facebook event: 

Hope your weekend is wonderful and that I can see over empty tables after everything sells at this goofy rummage sale over the weekend!


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