Sunday, September 25, 2011

Success comes in packages of all sizes

Having the rummage sale this weekend was such a growing experiece.  We had a very successful sale and I think part of that can be chalked up to Dawn doing her best to make it a party!  Yep, why do it if it ain't fun! :o)

I applied similar concepts that I use for the home parties and open houses I do for my handmade beaded jewelry.  Setting the stage for a WOW from the minute people walk in the door (in this case the garage.)  I had tablecloths on all 12 banquet tables (yes and we still had stuff staged in front of the garage doors on the driveway.  I offered a warm beverage to anybody that came in (coffee or cider) as a thank you just for coming out.  We piped in some soft music and people were truly wowed!  We were truly wowed at how much sold, and how little we have to pack up (all of which we're not donating to a local charity, and books are getting donated to our local library for their book sale.)

However the real successes this weekend were more than just the cash box and naked tables.  Here's what I mean:

- The gentleman that came back (drove 14 miles back) just to pay us $6 that we had undercharged him.  Then bought some more things and called later in the day to ask if he could purchase some windows and pick them up on Tuesday because he was in his truck on his way up north for the weekend.  Yes sir, your honesty knocked my socks off.

 - The woman that had a wonderful conversation while taking some of our free books.  We discussed her weekend plans and I suggested an idea how she could stay warm while dressing for a luau they were going to in 50 degree weather.  Who also came back to give me a hug and thank me for making her feel so special with all the health challenges she and her husband are going through. (and yes, her kindness in coming to share that with me did indeed bring me to happy tears.)

- The young mother that brought her daughter and the daughter said please and thank you for every single thing, including an ice cube I got out of the freezer for her cider so it wasn't so hot.  The little girl invited me to her birthday party to share in her cake.  She'll be 5 and was precious.  I love seeing parents that really teach their kids not just manners, but appreciation and gratitude. 

- The ladies that came near the end when all was quite picked over just to see if there was anything they wanted.  Finding nothing, they insisted on leaving a donation for a cup of cider and the warm, welcoming spirit despite the rain.

- For my family, who trudged all the way down from Deforest, Madison and Mequon all over an hour each way just to come out to show their support.  My heart felt gratitude cannot be measured.  Nor could the shock on my face as I saw them walking up the driveway.

- A long time friend that saw our sale posted on Facebook.  Drove up from IL just to say hi and reconnect after several years.  Again, my shock and gratitude were overflowing.

Seeing this side of human nature was AWESOME!  With all the junk they show us on TV and the news, we're really missing the ability to embrace the wonderful aspects of people.  Honesty, gratitude, appreciation and thoughtfulness are so much bigger than the blucky part of this world. 

So to all of those people that shared the wow moments with me this weekend, I owe you so many thanks and more! 

I hope you all have a fantastic week!
Much love & hugs!


Lori said...

Aw--It sounds like you had such a good weekend. What a great group of people!! What Fun!

moonlitfantaseas said...

Wow! sounds like you had a wonderful weekendand a very good experience with you garage sale! I really need to have one myself...

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Thanks Lori & Norma! Yes, it was a wonderful experience. Not kidding, it was a BOATLOAD of work, but seeing these glimpses of amazing people made it feel like a joy!

Thank you both for stopping by! Hope your week is terrific!


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