Friday, January 20, 2012

Transition 12 - As Dave Hester Says on Storage Wars - Yuuuuup!

Flowers for the Queen, one of my favorite pieces
Yes my dear friends, it appears 2012 is a year of change.  Not just for me, but for many of my friends in the blog world.  These friends are like family to me, yet I've never met them face to face.

As I posted about a week (-ish) ago, we're moving.  I'm so happy to report we've found a great place to call home for the next few years.  It's close to Chris' work, it had an awesome great room, perfect for hosting our families for gatherings and I will have an awesome, Southern exposure jewelry studio!!!  Oh Yeah!!!!!!  And that my friends is so exciting!  Right now I'm sorting and "preparing" to pack.  Keep It, Store It, Donate It!  If I haven't worn it in the last year, it's donate it (except for my formal gowns because I haven't had an excuse to wear them in the last 12 months, but hey, maybe 2012 will be a year of fancy balls or maybe Will & Kate will invite me to England to tea?)  Hey it could happen.... Kate might really like Designs by Dawn Marie jewelry!

So while preparing to pack (because I'm the best procrastinator in the whole wide world) I'm enjoying the cleansing process and can't wait to be in our new place.  Can someone just fast forward past the heavy lifting part for me?

While my move is only 7 miles (woo hoo, I know big move) I have two great friends moving across the freakin' country!  Now THAT is a big move.  One friend is moving from Alabama to Oregon because the beach called and she picked up the phone!  Another friend is moving from Texas to Alaska.... in the winter... now that just might be crazy. 

So while I become the queen of cardboard, and transition into a new place, new studio, new opportunities, I want to know what transition you're in?  I recently read (and still read) a great book co-authored by a dear friend of mine, Kathy Stover.  The book is called Smart Women Live Their Why and it's a book written by women from all walks of life.  Each shares their story about living with passion and purpose.  So whether you read one chapter, or drink a pot of coffee and enjoy the whole book, it will surely inspire you!  It's just now available on Amazon or you can visit my friend Kathy's blog to purchase the book.  FYI, she only has 15 autographed copies left then she's out!

So if you are looking for inspiration, or facing a transition... let this book be your rock!  I've picked it up so many times, read a chapter or two and come away feeling totally motivated!

Hope your day is inspired!



Stacy said...

You think I'm crazy? It's true!!!! Our move from Texas to Alaska is not only across the country and in the winter - It's our THIRD move in FOUR years! Yep...that's crazy, but we're hoping to settle in for a bit...I'm thrilled for the new opportunities ahead of us. Big Changes will come to my life and my blog...Any of your readers are welcome to follow our journey over on my blog! Here's to 2012 - may we all be happy in our new nests!

TesoriTrovati said...

Wahoo! That is great news. I am excited for you to have that studio you have always wanted. I moved in 2009 3 miles north. My sister moved in 2008 less than a mile south. Sometimes you have to just cross the street for new opportunities!

Funny you should ask about a transition.... last night I made a decision. I think it is one that has been keeping me immobilized for this month but didn't know it. I had to actually get up at 3:30 this morning until 5:30 to put together the draft of the letter that I will be using. It is not a huge step but it is stepping away from something that I have come to feel comfortable in (and no it is not my job). Freeing my future for more opportunities to explore, while hopefully keeping the door open just a crack in case things change down the road. I am going to sit on this letter for a few weeks to be sure that it is right for me.

I wish that I were there with you to help move you into your new space! I know that it will have the distinctive Dawn touch in no time.

Enjoy the day!

Saturday Sequins said...

Congrats on the nice studio space!

I feel like I'm in a state of limbo, waiting to get into a state of transition. A lot is up in the air, and I'm not sure where it's going to land. It will be interesting to see what happens, that's for sure. :)

I notice you're in Wisconsin. Are you going to the Bead and Button show this year? I am, and I'm so psyched about it!

Northern Adornments Jewelry Designs said...

Happy moving Dawn! I love what the other poster mentioned.....distinctive Dawn touch, that rings so true for you! When we bought our house here after renting for 6 months, we moved only 1 mile :) We knew the neighborhood and the area, and we walked our dogs to the new house a few times a week while we waited to close. I also didn't really have to wrap anything I packed.....I just drove back and forth really carefully, ha ha!

Will be you at Bead and Button?? I'm going! Yay!


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