Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hot Sets - yes, with a T

I love a good hot set... of jewelry.  Holy cow, slow down your reading, I know what you were thinking. :o)  Because I have a gremlin in my brain.  There, I admitted it. 

My gremlin tells me when I finish a necklace, "Don't you want earrings to go with that."  And of course my inner soul is all "matchy, matchy Dawn."  So really, there was no choice left but to make earring to go with the Eternal Growth bead embroidered necklace I showcased last week. 
Earrings Designed with 15/0 Miyuki and Delica Seed Beads

I wanted the earrings to be more simplified, allowing the necklace to be the star of the show.  Since the necklace has such a beautiful focal and all that wild and crazy fringe, I made the earrings less of a show stopper and more of a supporting actress style.

I used the Tropical Berry Nicole's Bead Backing again, and this time, I created a tear drop shape allowing the bead backing to show through.  It's the perfect compliment to the beadwork, so it was a great opportunity to let my colors show - literally! 

Originally, I was going to hang them the other way from the ear wires, so the larger part was on top and it tapered down.  But to me, it just didn't look right... so upside down they went and I think they have a much better flow.  No fringe... although I did fight with my inner goddess urge to make them dance with a wild and crazy fringe.  I had to tame her down reminding her these are supporting actresses for the main show... the necklace.
Turquoise colored focal bead is 8mm

Hope you like!  Hope you check out Nicole's Bead Backing too because it's really just the best!  No dye, no mess and LOTS of colors!  When in doubt, I love her Dove Grey which really lets the beadwork pop, but it doesn't contrast like stark white LSS does when it peeks through!  If you've never done bead embroidery before, Nicole also has authored a book called "Flatwork Beading Techniques from old to new Elegance in Tradition."  You can scoop that up in her store too!

Have a fantastic day! 


Kristen said...

Sizzlin Hot Girl!!!! You are a rockin embroidery goddess!

Halinka said...
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Halinka said...

Halinka said...
Hi,Dawn Marie:-)
Beautiful,colorful earrings -to go matchin the necklace IDEALLY!
This is the fantastic set-together will be looking so nice,that You should take a photo and show,how beautifully they go together.

Saturday Sequins said...

I love those earrings!

Wow, the more I see of Nicole's Bead Backing, the more I wish I had some. I love that tropical berry color!

Someday, when I am not Dirt Poor, I will have to buy some backing and her flatwork book. Do you think anyone will recognize me if I rob a bank wearing a sequin mask and cape? ;)

Beadwright said...

Hey Dawn I love this set you have made. I mean I really love love love it!!!! Thanks again for featuring my Nicole's BeadBacking
You are the best and it blesses my heart.

coolmoon said...

Thanks to your last post, I got my order from Nicole in the mail today. Holy bead backing, Batman! That oughta last me for awhile!

Pam Kellogg said...

Hi Dawn, saw your beautiful beaded piece over at Nicoles blog. Gorgeous! Had to stop by and say hello. Will add a link to your blog in my sidebar!



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