Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This Bead Embroidered Necklace has Gone to the Dogs!

No really, my bead embroidered necklace really is going to the dogs, or rather FOR the dogs!  

Our local humane society (Lakeland Animal Shelter) is having a big charity dinner.  At the dinner they are hosting a silent auction of all sorts of items to help raise funds for our furry friends that don't have a voice for themselves.  When I first heard of the dinner and silent auction I felt compelled to participate.

Right now the shelter is much too small for the amounts of animals that need help.  Even with the help of foster homes, there seems to be more animals than beds at the inn.  Recently the shelter acquired additional land adjacent to their current facility.  The goal is to raise the funds to build a much larger shelter with a special surgery room for any medical treatment the animals need when they come into the shelter. 

In my effort to help, I raise my tools (pliers and sewing needles) and make something special just for our furry friends.  You see, all of our dogs have been rescue dogs.  Cody actually was adopted from Lakeland as he was supposed to be a hunting dog and was afraid of anything that went boom.  Brandi we got from the Springer Rescue (ESRA) after her prior owner passed away and his family no longer wanted her.  Bella adopted us... enough said.  So I know how important it is to these "unwanted" dogs (and cats too) to find a home that appreciates their quirks and nuances and loves them unconditionally no matter what! 

This necklace features a custom designed focal created by Sandy Spivey.  I've ordered from Sandy's Etsy store in the past on a referral from a friend and was so pleased with her quality that I knew she would be the perfect one to take on my "special project."  I asked Sandy to custom design several cabochons with each of my dogs featured.  We had a blast trying to get just the right pictures and I'm so very happy with how they all turned out.  Just wait until you see what else I design with my babies!

The photo I chose to feature of Brandi is on her 12th birthday!  I must say, she's a looker - especially for being her age.  She's in beautiful health and just the picture perfect image of a dream dog that once found herself homeless. 

I used shades of rich chocolate brown and white to really make the photo of Brandi stand out.  For the necklace I used a strand of beautiful, elegant pearls accented with Swarovski crystals.  The piece is finished with antiqued copper chain and a lobster claw because I just don't know who the winner will be, so I wanted to make the necklace versatile and adjustable.

This necklace and many more great items will be up for auction at the Lakeland Animal Shelter - Second Chances Charity Dinner on May 4th.  If you are local in Southeast Wisconsin or Northern Illinois, the dinner is going to be hosted by The Abbey Resort and Spa in Fontana.  For information about the Second Chances Charity dinner, or to see how you can help visit the Lakeland Animal Shelter's Facebook page at:

This piece is near and dear to my heart.  My Brandi has been with me through so much and I just cherish her.  All the volunteers that donate countless hours to help socialize and find homes for the animals that can't speak for themselves are truly priceless.  I think you are all angels on earth!  I'll be dropping off my donation in the next day or two and hope that the dinner attendees bid high and bid often to raise funds for this great cause!

I hope your day is full of love and joy!

Dawn Doucette is an international jewelry artisan that creates one-of-a-kind art jewelry out of her studio in Lake Geneva, WI.  Each piece Dawn makes is truly unique and takes countless hours designing and creating.  Each bead is hand stitched, then the pendant is professionally backed with a soft Ultrasuede for utmost comfort of the customer.  Dawn specializes in custom designs that brings your dreams into a real, tangible piece of art jewelry you can pass down from generation to generation.  Find Dawn online at:


Red W said...

You always put so much detail and beauty into your pieces! It's a pleasure to see how you think! Love it!

Halinka said...

Hello,Dawn Marie:
You're incredible!
Lovely post,I've read with pleasure.
Lovely,noble idea and the beautiful necklace for dogs' lovers.
The great happiness for that one,who wins the auction and the great happiness for the dogs,that need help.
Warm Hugs-Halinka-

Beadwright said...

Hey Dawn I do recognize Sandy's cab. Great piece and a wonderful place to help.

Bobbie said...

I'm sure this will set off a bidding frenzy -- all for a good cause! It's lovely.

Janet Bocciardi said...

Love this necklace, but it could be because I have a weakness for Springers. We've had three and our youngest was a rescue from ESRA. Brandi is gorgeous and hope our Daisy lives well past 12, too. Your pups are lucky to be in your loving home!

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