Friday, April 20, 2012

Hot Tropical Berry - You have GOT to See The New Nicole's Bead Backing

Before we go any further, I have to give you a disclaimer:  When I'm making bead embroidered jewelry, I have a thing for matchy matchy.  Meaning all those tiny little finishing details kind of a big deal for me.  Between seeing the thread and the bead backing, I like things to look aesthetically finished to anybody's eye.

That's why I first tried Nicole's beadbacking.  (that and I couldn't stand the whole picking of frizzies from the LSS from multiple passes with the needle after the piece was completed.)  I had created a bead embroidered necklace in blacks & grays on LSS and when it was done, the itty bitty bits of white that were left stuck out like a sore thumb.  It drove me crazy, and I knew there had to be a better way.  I mean sure, I could dye it and then spill all over my counter, stain my thumbs and have dogs licking up Rit dye, but that would be supremely bad.

Enter into my life Nicole Campanella whom you might know as The Beadwright.  Nicole has been doing traditional beading longer than I've been alive.  Her experience in all different types of designing led her to creating her own line of Nicole's Bead Backing.  I love the fact Nicole's Bead Backing comes in a whole host of colors... which is why I'm sharing this post with you.

I saw Nicole's 2 newest shades Tropical Berry and Kermit the Frog... no not Kermit, but it is called Chartreuse Shine and I was immediately drooling.  I began seeing vibrant flowers, fruity drinks and yet, Kermit & Ms. Piggy did pop into my brain.  The colors are very vibrant and when put together I think even the angels in heaven are singing because they are gorgeous!

If you create bead embroidered jewelry, or you are contemplating trying, you have to give NBB a try.  She has a sampler pack that includes all of her color options - including the 2 newest options - so you can try something new without breaking the bank.

I created this piece using Nicole's Bead Backing in Tropical Berry.  I like how the vibrant pink edges the design.  It makes the pressed flower pop and adds that summer feel.  The necklace chain was created by braiding Softflex Beading wire with teal fire-polished Czech Glass crystals.

Now, Nicole has a birthday coming up, another anniversary of her 29th birthday last I checked.  You can give yourself and Nicole a present by trying her newest colors of bead backing.  You'll smile the minute you open the package because these colors just exude happiness.

Connect with Nicole online:

Bead Embroidery as an art form has given my creative soul the ability to dance!  Just letting the artwork talk has provided me with so many ah ha moments in the last year!  I encourage you to step out of your box and try something new.  You just might really like it!



Beadwright said...

OMG!!!!!! thank you thank you thank you. I feel like a star with all the wonderful things you have said about me. And ahhh yeah I am 29 next week. LOL Now for your piece. It makes me want to go to Hawaii. This is one of your best pieces. I can see how Tropical Berry inspired your color choices. Wonderful art and again thank you.
Ohhh for anyone who reads this. Really I didn't pay Dawn to say all these nice things about me. hmmm maybe I should. LOL

Happy Friday

Heather said...

Perfect timing! I just noticed i was running low on backing material. I'll have to check out her shop!

I've done the RIT dye thing- a whole lot of trouble!

coolmoon said...

The sample pack has been ordered from Nicole's Etsy site. Perfect timing for a wonderful review - I was almost out of 'that other stuff'.
Beautiful piece, as always, Dawn.
Sheryl aka the other Bella's mom
Cool Moon

Kim said...

I love the necklace, it's beautiful. I hate working with the other stuff - I have the same issue that you did with the white fuzzies. Used it once and won't do it again. I will be trying Nicole's bead backing, I love the colors!


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