Saturday, May 5, 2012

Purple - Violet - Blue-Violet - Lavendar - Violet-Blue - The One Crayon Color Challenge Blog Hop

Did you ever wonder why Crayola made violet-blue AND blue-violet crayons?  Sounded redundant when I was 3, now 30 years later I get it... more of blue, less of violet... or more violet, less blue.  But through the eyes of men according to a recent photo I saw posted in Facebook, all they see is one color - PURPLE!

I love a good challenge and today we're sharing a challenge put together by the very talented artisan, Sally Russick of The Studio Sublime!  The idea of the One Crayon Color Challenge was to create something using just 1 color... doesn't matter how hard or soft you press on that crayon, you get multiple shades of that color.  The end result a monochromatic work of art!

Alas, I pick.... PURPLE! (If you know me, insert cheesy grin here) ☺

Because I lurve purple so much... I couldn't stop at 1 piece... I did 2 (Fozzy Bear wokka, wokka, wokka!)

I created 2 bead embroidered necklaces.  The first is a necklace made of two components.  The top features a crazy purple agate, and the bottom is an amethyst.  It's a sheer coincidence that both stones start with "A" honestly... my type A part of the brain didn't plan that, for real.  I used Nicole's Bead Backing in dark purple because I wanted everything to be matchy matchy too... yes, that was Mrs. Type A speaking.

The second necklace I made turned out to be like a color canvas.  I wasn't sure what the finished project was going to look like when I started... I just laid all my purples on a cookie sheet and put it together one bead at a time.  The glass cabochon featuring the butterfly was created by my good friend Sandy Spivey with Glass Art Cabochons.  I used black goldstone, amethyst beads, purple magnesite (from Happy Mango Beads) and a funky vintage cabochon.  Using primarily Miyuki 15/0 seed beads I brought in all different shades and finishes of purple to make this monochromatic masterpiece pop!

The necklace itself is comprised of purple magnesite, black goldstone and amethyst beads.  It's finished with chain and a lobster claw clasp for adjustable wear from 19" - 22"!

The Purple Butterfly is Available for Sale.
$200 USD

What a very fun challenge this was!  Like I said, I lurve purple... so any excuse you give me to play with it... I'm in heaven!  Now why don't you slide down the rainbow and stop over to visit many other talented artists!  Have a terrific weekend!


Hosted by:
Sally Russick

Jennifer Judd Velasquez
Dawn Doucette <-- YOU ARE HERE

Alicia Marinache

Jenny Davies Reazor







Halinka said...

Hi,Dawn Marie:
Wonderful designs and matching ideally to the color challenge.

Alice said...

Wow, both pieces are stunning! Such beautiful colors and textures. I've always admired those who could work such magic with tiny seed beads!

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Dawn,
Yep it is official you are my beading guru! Those pieces you created are gorgeous!!!! I would have never got one done much less then two done in a month, you are awesome!

Jean A. Wells said...

I absolutely don't know what to say. I can't believe what you did with this challenge. And, not once, but twice. I love them. You are my hero. Great job!

Jen V. said...

So gorgeous! I haven't been to your blog in ages and it's been fun catching up. I love the freeform of the butterfly piece. It came out perfectly balanced!

Linda Y said...

Beautiful pieces. Both are awesome but the first piece is gorgeous.

Pretty Things said...

STUNNING! A real work of art, truly.

BackstoryBeads said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BackstoryBeads said...

Purple is one lucky color in your hands! Your work leaves me speechless!

Patti Van said...

These are just beautiful pieces of artwork! Really stunning!

Pixiloo said...

WOW. Your embroidery is amazing. Both of those are just to die for.

Sally Russick said...

Dawn, i'm in awe of your bead embroidery skills!! You created to very beautiful, o.k. down right STUNNING works of art!! WOW! I can stare at those necklaces for days. The detail is amazing!! Thank you so much for participating in the hop!!

AntiquityTravelers said...

I'm with Sally, in complete awe. Bead weaving like just stops me in my tracks. stunning!

Amy said...

Droooooooooling over these certainly nailed the color purple! Really, I don't think I will be able to stop thinking about that first piece with the flower focal. I am so impressed with your work!

Kristen said...

Purplishous love!!!! You totally rock my world!

Tracy said...

Dawn, this is just a beautiful design incorporating all the hues, tints and shades of it!

Karen Williams said...

Beautiful! You really went all out! I especially like your Purple butterfly piece. It seems like it should be a badge of office or something.

Lovely work!

Beadwright said...

First thank you so much for loving my Nicole's BeadBacking and using it exclusively. Next is and OMG I love these two pieces. I knew you would choose purple in some form. LOL. How can anyone go wrong with Sandy's cabs. Ohh you can't.
I am off the check out what the other's did with their colors. Wonderful art my friend

Bobbie said...

Your work is always gorgeous, and these pieces are no exception -- just FABULOUS!

Regina said...

Your creations always WOW me. They are both gorgeous and the butterfly piece, just stunning. I can see why you love purple. Lovely!

SueBeads said...

Wow, Dawn Marie, those are simply stunning! I love that second one, especially!

Katherine Gale said...

Your talent leaves me speechless! I have no idea how you have patience for something as big as the second project? But it is beautiful! Well done.

Saturday Sequins said...

Beautiful pieces, Dawn! And a beautiful color, too. This looks like it was a fun challenge.


Heidi Post said...

Whoa! I don't know how you seed beaders do it. You knocked this challenge out of the park! Fantastic :)

Cherrie Fick of En La Lumie're said...

Those designs are amazing. I have never even thought of taking my beading to that level. I am in awe of it. Stunning!!

Elisabeth said...

Beautiful pieces!

Dawn Doucette said...

Thank you all so very, very much for stopping here during the blog hop. Your kind remarks, compliments and friendship really touched my heart. I'm humbled and honored to have shared these pieces with you!

I hope you have a most amazing week filled with creativity and love!

Lola said...

I am in awe of your bead embroidery skills and your passion for purple! Beautiful designs!

CraftyHope said...

You really did awesome with this challenge. both of your necklace are stunning. However, there's just something about that second one that absolutely calls out to me! It's fabulous!

dreaminofbeads / SAS Jewelry Designs said...

WOW!! You did an amazing job with the color purple!

Jennifer said...

They are like paintings, since you are working with such a varied palette of seed beads. Gorgeous work!


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