Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday - It is still Wednesday Right?

Confession... I have a finished piece that I cannot yet show you... because it has not yet arrived at it's destination and it's a super duper surprise.  SOoooo, until I can reveal that piece to you, I can show you another piece I started today.

I was feeling bold... so black and white really struck me!  It'll be interesting to see where this finished piece ends up!  I really like the contrast thus far though!

In other news, I'm so excited to share with you how proud I am of my dear friend Kristen.  She's a phenomenal bead weaver that works magic with Fireline and seedbeads.  She's self-taught, learning from patterns originally.   Once she started to get confident in how the patterns were created she started to modify (or MacGuyver-ize them as I say) to fit her available stash.  As she modified those tutorials and patterns, her beady brain started to go in a completely different direction.  And it began to think of it's own ideas and patterns. 

So with a big, beaming smile, my dear friend Kristen has written and published her first tutorial, Pop Up Pearls.  It is available for sale on her blog.  I've previewed the tutorial and can tell you with 100% certainty, you'll find the step-by-step directions spot on.  You'll get hints and tricks that make starting, finishing and everything in between so much easier.  These are tips that the authors don't share (or forget to write) in Beadwork patterns.  The tutorial is for a bracelet, but you can easily make just one component to create a pair of matching earrings - and you all know how I am about matchy-matchy... :)
If you're a beadweaver, or would love to learn how to use those itty bitty seed beads, Kristen's tutorial is a great place to start!

Hope your hump day has been fabulous!


Beadwright said...

Love black and white no matter what time of year it is. A Sandy Spivey cab... how can you go wrong.

Kristen said...

Let me tell you right now you are the bestest bestest bestest ever!!!!!!

Saturday Sequins said...

Ohhh, I'm loving the black and white! I'll be excited to see how the piece turns out.

Congratulations to your friend, publishing her first tutorial. I've tried writing jewelry instructions before, and they're a challenge.

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