Thursday, October 4, 2012

Custom Jewelry Order Spreads Happiness around the globe

It's amazing the reach of just one picture and the emotion it spreads.  Recently I finished a custom jewelry order.  What happened after sharing just one little picture shows just how much we can impact and make a difference to others.

The story goes something like this... a woman that knows I make jewelry was heading to a bead show with her friends.  She said if I pick up some beads, can you make me something with them.  Well Absolutely!!! I love bringing in someones personality into a design.

The beads she picked up were a great mix of turquoise, colored magnasite, red coral and some funky lampwork beads.  The colors were such a perfect mix for her vibrant personality I was instantly excited to make something with them.
Large Beaded Bead adapted from Beadwork, Small Beaded Bead adapted from Heather Collin's Anastasia tutorial

After discussing what she likes to wear for jewelry, I set out to make something truly special that showcased her personality to a T!

The necklace is a longggggggg necklace  - 42"-ish.  I wanted to incorporate the beads she selected with some seed bead work of my artisan hand.  I also wanted to make a pair of complimentary earrings because a piece this bold needed some WOW earrings to go along with it.

She received the set yesterday and the follow-up e-mail and voice mail she left me were really, really precious.  I'm thrilled she loved the design as it's what I see in her personality.  She's full of sparkle and shine and truly makes a difference in the lives of all of the people she interacts with!

My jewelry is out of this world! I love it! 
I love the way you write an email your passion oozes through!!!
Your work is so impressive and beautiful!!! I can’t wait to show my mom!
Mary Petersen, Keefe Real Estate, Inc - ABR, SRES,CHMS

So when posting the picture of this set on Google+ imagine my delight as people started responding with "I agree, it makes me happy just looking at it" and "Absolutely uplifting and gorgeous work."  These coming from people locally all the way across the pond to South Africa!  The ripple effect stretches so much further than what we even realize... so my challenge for you today, do something that will make a difference again and again and again!

If you like this piece of custom designed artisan jewelry and would like something created just for you (or for someone that means a lot to you) now is the time to begin talking about Christmas gifts.  Drop me a message and we can discuss in more detail what you are looking for!  I just love creating a wearable work of art that perfectly depicts the person wearing it!
Dawn Doucette, Artisan

Have a terrific day!


Lyra said...

It is a really beautiful set, cheerful and full of life!!!

Marissa Foss said...

This is such a wonderful story, and your design really IS so sunny and cheerful! I love reading stories like this, of how one person's actions can impact more people than they could ever imagine.

Marissa Foss,


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