Monday, October 8, 2012

Silver and Gold - Elegance and Oppulance in Beaded Jewelry

Have you seen it?  The bright shiny yellow gold finishes are all over this fall season and it looks like the trend will continue through the holidays!  It's been a long time since gold has been "in" as silver, antique silver and brass lent themselves to vintage inspired designs in the recent past. 

Recently I was inspired by a tutorial in Beadwork.  I usually flip through the magazine, get inspired and file it away with the rest of my jewelry magazines to take out when I'm having a lull of creativity.  However, I've been following their Beaded Bead series for their 15th anniversary and this one beaded bead popped off the page at me.  I thought what the heck I'd give it a try! 

I tried and I like!!!

I created 3 beaded beads for this necklace using the round beads as the inspiration for the color palette.  The rounds are black with silver and gold foil accents on them, lending perfectly to gold & silver netting for the beaded beads. 

I strung the necklace featuring pewter colored pearls, shiny gold rounds, some black faceted rondelles and a few bold, vintage gold beads for a little more va-voom!  The end result is a necklace that is super versatile, comfortable to wear and adds that splash of bling that I think every woman needs!

What's your "Must Have" in a design?  Is it a go-to color?  Are pearls in nearly all your pieces?  I know I bring Swarovski crystal in anywhere and everywhere I can because I really do thing every woman deserves to sparkle!  Follow me on Facebook for more inspired sparkles!

Hope your week is inspired!

If you like this piece of custom designed artisan jewelry and would like something created just for you (or for someone that means a lot to you) now is the time to begin talking about Christmas gifts.  Drop me a message and we can discuss in more detail what you are looking for!  I just love creating a wearable work of art that perfectly depicts the person wearing it!


Therese's Treasures said...

Beautiful Dawn,
I have not tried the beaded beads that have been in the last few Beadworks. I think I will give one a try. I love to use crystals in just about everything I make and or pearls.

Juli Cannon said...

I'm not a gold fan anymore...wore my liking for it completely out in the 80s, ha!....but this is truly stunning, Dawn. Very nicely done.

Lyra said...


Azure Accessories said... just have a wonderful knack for colors and design!


Lucy Carrigan said...

I love this necklace!
The Silver works because it is mostly grey and the different shades of gold blend together well.
The design is nicely balanced. You must be pleased!
Btw which beaded bead pattern did you use?
I have so far only made seed bead beaded beads, but would like to branch out eventually :-)

Marissa Foss said...

Black and white together is another popular color combination for fall and winter, especially rich jet black and icy clear crystals! Swarovski is always a go-to component when you want to sparkle :)

Great job on your design, too! I love the beaded beads.

Marissa Foss,

Dawn Doucette said...

Thank you all so very much! I think this necklace turned out quite classy!

@Lucy, This beaded bead tutorial was in the April/May 2012 issue. It was a bit mind-bending at first as you're trying to create a 3-D object looking at a flat picture... BUT once you get the hang of it, it's quite fun to play with and mix up!

@Marissa, I agree! I've seen B/W combinations all over on fashion websites! Swarovski is the bomb diggity of bling! Just wait until you see the cuff I'm finishing this weekend for a customer - Utter and Total BLING!!!

Have a superb weekend my friends!


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