Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Beaded Cuff - A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

And yet this cuff needs more than a thousand words!  I created this cuff as a custom order for a client that just lights up the room!  The process of creating a custom order is priceless!

First we jumped on video chat so she could show me the exact outfit she's wearing for a special event.  Then we did measurements where I had her measure the exact size of her wrist with a tape measure so I could make sure it fit perfectly.

We then talked about the length of the necklace she wanted to wear and what her thoughts were that she wanted for these pieces.

There will be a necklace and earrings to complete the set, but they will be much simpler.  The dress is a vibrant geometric pattern in black & white with gold accents.  So the necklace is going to be long, featuring some gold chain, crystals and a few pearls.  In creating with a black/white/gold color scheme... I got the inspiration to add a pop of red.

So I first checked to make sure my client had red shoes to doll up that black & white dress.  Indeed she did because her shoe wardrobe is nearly as awesome as her jewelry wardrobe. ;) So a little pop of red to attract attention and the piece turned out great.

I have to share with you for this piece I used the COOLEST leather to back the cuff that I've ever seen.  It is a metallic gold genuine lambskin.  It is super soft, took a bit to stitch through as it is thicker than Ultrasuede but it really completed the look of luxury I was aiming for when I designed this cuff.

And because I'm a girl of glitter & sparkle, I ordered silver, fuschia and chocolate brown in the same awesome metallic finish!  Here's a link to where I ordered:  http://www.fashionleather.com/index.html

In addition, I did all my stitching on Nicole's Bead Backing!  If you haven't used NBB before, it's a stiff felt-like material that provides support for all the beads and objects you are stitching.  PLUS it comes in a whole variety of colors made to compliment your designs.  Beadwright: BEADING DAILY AND NICOLE'S BEADBACKING

 I love working on custom orders.  It makes each piece even more special being able to bring the clients personality into a one-of-a-kind design.  Truly, if you're looking for something really special - something you will pass down as an heirloom - then I'd love to chat with you about my art jewelry. 

Hope your day is filled with sparkle & inspiration!


amy_romeu said...

Dawn, that cuff is absolutely gorgeous. You must be so proud. I'm sure your customer is going to love it. I love the metallic leather, too, thanks for posting the supplier info.

I enjoy reading your posts and seeing your amazing designs. I don't get to bead as often as I used to but you always inspire me to make a little extra time to bead!

Amy R.

Lyra said...


marsspyder said...

That is awesome! Have you tried glovers needles for sewing through the leather? They are flattened and like little razors on the business end and have gone through some pretty serious leather for me with little to no effort.

Beadwright said...

Ohhhh Dawn!!!! This is simply stunning. The magnatude of excellence is overwhelming. OK so that might be a bit dramatic, however, this piece is a master piece.
Ohhh and thanks for using my NBB

Marissa Foss said...

That cuff is absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to see the complete set. Those colors together flow so nicely in the patterns you chose, too!

-Marissa Foss, Artbeads.com

Azure Accessories said...

Wow...gorgeous cuff!!! Such wonderful detail...

I look forward to seeing the earrings and necklace to go with the cuff.


T-Rose Leigh said...

how lovely, not only is your work amazing but Ilove how much care you took to make sure your customer was satisfied by doing such wonderfull reserch on what was needed


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