Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Beaded Cuff Without a Name is Just a Cuff - or is it?

I'm at a loss for naming this bead embroidered cuff.  I shared it on my Facebook Page yesterday asking for a name.  I received several great suggestions and now I'm asking you to help me choose.  I posted a poll for everybody to vote and the person that submitted the winning name will get something super special that I created.

While I'm not usually one to post sad, emotional stuff on my blog, I feel the need to share the reason for my absence and help to create a network of love and prayer. 

We found out a few weeks ago my baby brother's brain tumor has returned after 8 years of being cancer free.  It also brought friends and they've spread their party to his spine so they could dance on the bar.  The tumors are inoperable so the only course of treatment we have is chemo and tomotherapy (which is a form of radiation that was actually developed at UW Madison where he coincidentally is being treated).

This photo was taken just 3 weeks before THE appointment.
While my baby brother (he's 28 and 6' tall, so yes bigger than me, but still my baby brother) is going through treatments, I am living with him and helping to take him to appointments.  My other two sisters have also been extremely helpful in sharing time with him and giving us each the time to regroup so we can together be strong.

Meanwhile Mama D found out her pacemaker is on it's last tick. She will be having surgery next Wed. to have her pacemaker & leads replaced.  So while I'm running West, my baby sister is running East with Mama D and we're so grateful for cell phones and wifi!

So thus the reason for my absence.  I was just about to put the backing on this cuff when the bottom of our world dropped out and we got the news.  After all, we had 8 years of clean check ups.  Why would this year be any different?

My brain stopped, I went into what I know best - love mode.  I just do what I need to do for my family, I spread love, provide humor to keep people's spirits up and in general try to balance several spinning plates.

We're a long way from the finish line and the future of this journey is beyond uncertain.  We do know one thing though - we have today, and today is a gift.  If we open that gift with excitement each morning we can make a difference to someone each an everyday.

If you'd like to help me name this cuff, I'd appreciate it!  I posted a poll on my Designs by Dawn Marie Facebook Page.  Go over to my page (make sure you like the page) and click on the the name you like best for this design. 

I appreciate all the love and prayers, positive energies and wish you a day full of wonder!
Use your gift to it's fullest!


Credits:  Family Photo by Matt Mason Photography in Lake Geneva, WI
Focal Lampwork Cab by JulsBeads
Ammonite Glass Beads from Lima Beads
Tiger's Eye & Mahogany Obsidian Cabs Fire Mountain Gems and Beads
Rainbow Casilica Square Beadology in Lake Geneva, WI
Beading Foundation - Nicole's Bead Backing by the Beadwright - Nicole Campanella


Beadwright said...

Dawn you know my heart is with you. You also know I have been through what you are going through with my baby brother and my little sister. If there is anything I can do please get in touch with me. I have a candle of love burning for you.

TesoriTrovati said...

Prayers work, Miss Dawn. And my prayers are with you and your family. You have a lot on your plate (so please don't feel pushed to do the Challenge, okay?) but I also know that you have a lot of love in your heart. Your family is most important right now and I pray for you to have the strength to face the unknown and the courage to accept the outcomes. Be strong. Be focused. Be good to yourself. HUGS! Enjoy the day. Erin

Gutukas said...

Words cannot express the hardships...
I woted for the desert. :) A very beautiful cuff, oh... I have bought malachite stones too. :)

Halinka said...

Hi,Dawn Marie:

Very sad news.It held my breath,when reading it.
My heart is with You and with Your Family.As usually,in such circumstances-I do not know,what to say words can consolate,I feel absolutely helpless.
Beautiful cuff.Pretty colors.Fantastic design.
Warm Hugs from cold Sweden-Halinka-

Karla said...

oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles! HUG!

Shirley Moore said...

I just can't find words sweetie. I just felt your love so strongly when I read your post, and I know that when life dishes up hard stuff, that is what really makes the difference. The strong colors and harmony between them remind me of what you said about your family, and the name 'Covered in Love' just popped up in my head.
My prayers are with you and your family. Hugs

Lyra said...


Patrizia Tager said...

Dawn, my heart and thoughts are with you and your family, wishing you all strength and a positive outcome!
Your cuff is gorgeous!!!


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