Thursday, December 6, 2012

Aimless musings from the waiting room

So as I sit these last number of weeks in hospital waiting rooms, my mind has had plenty of time to work (actually working overtime if I were to be honest.)  But in these weeks, hours, days and minutes... I've had some interesting thoughts that I just had to share.

  • I've encountered wonderful, caring people with 7 different predominant types of cancer (brain, breast, prostate, liver, lung, cervical, leukemia)
  • Everybody has a story (I knew this, but I've become a better listener)
  • If you put a race car driver in a parking ramp, would he know what to do (race cars only go left... parking ramps, at least this one, is all right turns)
  • Shouldn't hospitals have cell phone and iPad charging stations for patients and those that drive them to appointments? A wifi printer would be a total dream too...
  • In the name of sanitizing, how many of those little paper disposable cups have I used for my burst o' coffee fix?
  • Art, specifically hand painted murals on waiting room walls really do make a hospital feel warmer - I'm grateful for those talented artists that created them.
  • Living in two homes is challenging... for the rest of my life, I will be grateful to go on vacation, but firmly believe I choose to have only one home. 
  • Waiting... well I'm still working on learning to just BE... planning can be overrated (gasp, did I just say that out loud) but to BE in the moment and cherish every second is what makes memories to last a lifetime.

I thank each and every one of you that took the time to visit my blog during The Challenge of Color Blog Hop.  I will update you as my piece, The Journey continues to grow and eventually be finished.  Your comments, thoughts, prayers and positive energies have been felt from miles and continents away.  My family is filled with gratitude that so many of you care so much. 

From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You so very much!

In the little gift bags are Daily Messages of Hope.  They are paper chains with each link containing inspiration quotes and messages.  They were designed and made by a former patient and her friends.  The bags are free for anyone to take.  They have bags for male & female patients as well as breast cancer specifically.  What a generous donation of time and heart!


Travis Egan said...

This is remarkable. I love the candor and affection you write with. The race car driver question had me chuckle out loud. I shared this with Google + crew because this is great...

KJ said...

Hospitals are necessary; beyond that we endure. I am a firm believer that being there for your loved ones is mostly enough.

I love the gift bags.

Your idea on charging stations are great.

I hope this season brings you both joy and peace.

Kristen said...

Keeping you in my heart and thoughts everyday!


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