Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Belated Christmas Presents are Good too - Right?

Christmas presents are good anytime of year in my book.

For jewelry artisans... and really artisans in any form of art... the holidays are a really important time of year for business.  Even more so this year, people are paying attention to where the gifts are coming from that they are buying for family, friends and loved ones.  I spoke with several people that were only shopping local or hand-crafted this Christmas.  They are lucky I didn't kiss them right there on the spot because that's how much I appreciate their decisions!

With so much going on in my family this last few months, I had a custom order that I knew wouldn't be done in time for Christmas.  I touched base with the wonderful customer and she was so sweet assuring me it's not a problem at all and the piece would be perfect for Valentine's day.  That's deserving of another kiss right there!

So I have now finished the necklace she ordered.  The stone is a green opal from Africa.  I purchased it at my local bead shop Beadology in Lake Geneva, WI and I was thrilled to be able to design around it.  The colors of green paired with the red brown and terracotta veining is just beautiful.  I put it on a twisted antique brass chain for a soft, vintage look and added a few faceted agates to pull the natural green into the chain.

The necklace is backed with a metallic chocolate lambskin leather... that alone is totally drool-worthy!   Suddenly I'm really excited for Valentine's Day, funny how that works! 

So let's hear... I know you must have gotten something really awesome for Christmas or helped somebody give something really awesome.  I want to hear your story!  I love spreading happiness!

May 2013 bless you and bring you happiness and joy!


KJ said...

What a great attitude- both you and your customer. Have a safe and happy new year and a great Valentine's day.

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Dawn,
This is a beautiful piece. I love the thought of keeping the spirt of Christmas going well after Christmas and into the next year.

Lyra said...


Saturday Sequins said...

Wow, what a gorgeous necklace!!! I love the chain with the beadwork.

I hope your holidays are going well and that you're doing OK, Dawn! You're in my thoughts a lot. *Hugs.*


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