Monday, December 10, 2012

What I do when I'm not physically reminding myself to breathe

Upon arriving back to my house last weekend... I looked around.  
  • I saw laundry that could be done - but it could wait.
  • I saw emails that could be read - but they could wait.
  • I saw bills that could be paid - those most definitely waited.

I had a feeling of Christmas - that needed action - massive, immediate action.

I busted out some Christmas music, did about 483 stair laps bring up tubs and tubs, a faux tree, carrying down the regular decor and all the empty tubs to turn my living room into a mini snow globe (without the snow.)  It was the first time I've felt the Christmas spirit this year and figured I better darn well harness it before it scooted out the window without my permission.

I put up our little tree (it's all I could carry up the stairs by myself) decorated it with many of my ornaments given to me throughout my life.  I have always had a fetish with glass... ever since I was a girl.  When my mom would take us ornament shopping to pick out our ornament for the year, I always wanted the most fragile, blown glass pieces.  They looked like icicles, bubbles, mystical orbs... the more fragile the more they called my name.

Crazy Kaleidoscope Lens on the Ipad - imagine the jewelry...
Today my little tree has white lights and all those glass ornaments (and a few wonky, hand-made ones that are still around from when I made them in 8th grade with Mrs. Pappa - and they still smell like gingerbread when I take them out of the box!) all these together made my tree even more special this year.  It was my moment celebrating bits and pieces of what makes up me!

Now I still covet glass... in the form of beads.  I guess it's in my veins!

So here's to finding Christmas Spirit despite the challenging moments and creating Christmas memories that will last forever! 



Kristen said...

I needed a bit too this weekend! Were we channelling each other?

Lori said...

So Pretty.. I put MY tree up Sunday too..It was the first day that I have actually felt the xmas spirit this year and it was because I was watching two neighbor kids Fighting over a pinecone in their yard.. It was going to be their Cats "xmas tree".. I thought-- Damn-- If that cat is gonna have a tree up- I am too...LOL!!
You did a Beautiful Job with yours.. And How funny... I was the same with the Blown glass ornaments. I think it was because they were so sparkly with the lights twinkling on them.. Happy Holidays Dawn!

Juli Cannon said...

You are amazing, Dawn. For all you do, all you are, and all of the happy rain you pour out even when you don't think you can.

You make the world a better place, sis. Truly.

Shaiha said...

I haven't done a tree in years. Come to remember that I quit putting them up when all my pretty glass ornaments were broken by my critters.

Shaiha said...

I haven't done a tree in years. Come to remember that I quit putting them up when all my pretty glass ornaments were broken by my critters.

Marissa Foss said...

What a delightful story! I love that you've held on to so many glass ornaments over the years. It proves that new and shiny things are not always the best thing on or under the tree. I also love that your love of glass ornaments has fused into glass beads!

Marissa Foss,

Amy said...

AWESOME pictures! Beautiful tree! Happy to see you in the spirit!!!

Heather said...

It is a good thing you went with your filled a need!
Take care dear Dawn...

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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