Monday, July 5, 2010

Beads of Courage - A really, REALLY Important Service Message!

This might be the most important 31 seconds of your day today!  Watch this video, please!

Okay, so now that you've seen the message, I know you want to do something.  I was reminded of this wonderful movement from my dear friend Juli Cannon of Juls Beads.  She makes amazing glass beads and donates some of those really beautiful beads to Beads of Courage.

WHAT?  Right, I hear what you are asking me now...
"But I don't make beads... how can I help?"

Well, Pepsi is running a contest now through July 31st called the Pepsi Refresh Project.  The top 10 vote getters for the good ideas each get $25K toward their good idea!  Do you know what that donation can mean for Beads of Courage?  It means that 10,000 children will be covered for their full length of treatments.  That's really, REALLY making a difference.

So to vote, go here: and vote.  You can vote once every single day until July 31st!  Are you going to make a difference?  I originally heard about Beads of Courage when our local news did a story about it from our regional Children's Hospital.  I can't tell you how touched the children were, the parents were and how so many artisans gave of their beads to make a difference.  I'm just so happy now that we can all make a difference.

Go Vote... Vote often!  Spread the word!  Tweet this!  Share it on Facebook!  Blog about it on your blog!  Let's get Beads of Courage into the top 10 and keep it there!

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Julianna Cannon said...

You. Are. Awesome.



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