Monday, July 19, 2010

The Perfect Seed Bead Bracelet

So what do you get when you clean up - err, uh... organize your crafty area (in my case, the entire dining room).  And let me tell you, the dining gods are sending me many thanks for taking the steps to reveal what the dining room table really looks like.

I have this bag 'o beads... you know the kind.  The bag that you just toss random beads in after you finish a project because you're too 'rushed' - because I'm certainly not lazy ;) I'm just to rushed to put them away in their proper spots.  Two of these, three of these... half a dozen of those... and slowly you build up a bag 'o randomness.

Well when you 'organize' your wonderful craft area suddenly this bag 'o randomness just calls your name and says... "Use me... I'm beautiful."  And you look at that bag of beads and you reply, "Yes you are!" 

Between your artistic instruments and the beads, you let the random beads, colors & textures create the special piece of jewelry.  And this time, it created what I consider the "perfect" piece of jewelry.  A bracelet that you don't need three hands to put on, that goes with your favorite jeans and doesn't require you to lose 20 lbs for it to fit! :)  Yes, that my dears is the ultimate perfect jewelry!

Get your hands on this Wrapped Seed Bead Bracelet! You know you need it! :)


Be~Jeweled by Jana said...

Very pretty! Those work perfectly together!

katsrus said...

Hi Dawn. Very pretty. Thanks for inviting me to your blog.
Sue B

Davinia said...

That is the perfect bracelet. Such pretty colours. Your new web site looks great too.


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