Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sweet Jewelry Surprise

One of the greatest joys in life for me is surprising someone with gratitude completely out of the blue.  Everybody has struggles with one thing or another in life - especially lately it seems - so if I can give someone a smile, or add a little joy to their day it completely makes my day! 

Such is the case with these adorable purple earrings.  I made 2 pairs, one to give as a surprise gift, the other to put in my store.  My friend has no idea these are coming to her.  I only wish the package had a voice recorder for when she opens the package... because girl, she is going to squeeeeeeeeel with joy. That I'm sure of!

If you haven't done something out of the blue for anybody lately, maybe this will inspire you.  My mission in life is to spread love and share smiles.  Since I took the oath of Large Hearts & Giving Spirit in an undisclosed location, a gazillion years ago... I've seen so many smiles.  And I know, smiles breed more smiles!  Woot, woot! 

I hope you give someone one of your smiles today!  Because I KNOW you've got plenty to go around!

Have a superfantastic* day!

*Superfantastic is an unlicensed trademark from my really, wonderful cousin Lexi.  It's her favorite word and just saying it puts a smile on my face.  Thanks Lexi for always making me smile!  You're a true gem sweetie!  Love ya!*


slmpetersen said...

Dawn - you must be one of the most thoughtful people I know - what a great way to share your love of love!

Mellisa - Chinook Jewelry said...

Such sweet earrings and such a sweet gesture- I'm sure they will be greatly appreciated!


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