Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blogmania Update

What an incredible team we have for our Blogmania Event September 15-16th. Our team, "Team Favorite Things" is having a HUGE giveaway (and growing) of some of our FAVORITE things! Currently our giveaway for Blogmania is nearly $400 in prizes and includes the works of very talented artisans.

Our Blogmania Giveaway includes custom designed jewelry from Azure Islands Designs, Barbara at Second Surf and myself, a full set of custom designed notecards from Purple Vine Design AND a washable mini-cookbook and recipe card holder perfect to take exchange recipes in your purse from Stacy Petersen!  And there's one more surprise partner that we'll be revealing very soon... so stay tuned. 

Right now registration is closed to enter as a blog.  However, as we've found out, working as a team makes Blogmania even more fun... and our reach is extending much farther than any of us could have reached on our own!  Right now our team is in the US & Canada with our newest team member coming from Istanbul TURKEY!!!  That's the power of partnering up as a team!  I don't think any of us would have been able to connect with a large part of the Turkish population, but sharing & cross promoting each other, our reach goes beyond with the eyes can see.

As a team, we cooperate with each other following each other's blogs and cross-promoting each others creations from our online stores.  Between Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media outlets, we're sharing everybody's talents with a global market.  I also have given our blogmania team members exclusive advertising on my new website - Designs by Dawn Marie.  Everybody has unique talents and one-of-a-kind creations and I think my team will agree, it's much more fun to co-op and share them as a team.

If you're looking to get more traffic on your website, blog or to your online store, working with a team to cross-promote is a great option.  Team Favorite Things is happy to welcome new team members for our Favorite Things Blogmania Giveaway and cross promote your work too!  If you're interested in joining us (and having a LOT of fun) you can e-mail me directly at and I'd be happy to get you more information. 

Blogmania is growing... our giveaway is growing... the fun we're having is definitely growing... are you growing?  :)


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